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  1. Ive been using just an iPad for years. I dont use the cloud. Note with the new iPad pro, my iPad is now more powerful than most laptops except the very high end. I also have a terabyte of storage. If you need it you will soon be able to run the full version of PS. I do a download each day and use a different card for each day as a second backup. Of course you still can not plug a portable HD into an iPad and move data back and forth. As noted above, there are work around s for this.
  2. Maybe, I had plenty of close passes, but nothing that close. Take an ultra wide (weitwinkel) zoom. Try to get a little ways away from the mob.. Use your strobes like normal wide angle when there will be some debris in the water.
  3. 8-15. You want wide angle, but some flexibility. Tiger beach, or Stuart’s Cove?
  4. I like mine a lot. Prefer it over using a large dome.
  5. Here is a vote for the WWL-1. Find the money to buy it.
  6. I have a 4/3rds set and a compact camera set up. The 4/3s outfit is not a lot smaller than my old SLR outfit. When the photography is not critical I bring the compact camera outfit. Currently that is a Panasonic LX10. I bring a wetlens for wide angle and macro. The macro isnt that useful. This works well.
  7. I bring a new card for each day. I see you do video. My friend brings a portable hard drive for each trip and backs up to that from his laptop.
  8. As mentioned in that link, the index of refraction of water is 1.33, vs 1 for air. Your lens will not be as strong due to this and will thus have longer working distance.
  9. Tipped about 15%. I think 10% is fair just about anywhere. Everything in Cuba seemed more expensive than I had anticipated.
  10. I used duct tape. Worked for about 3 months until I got around to buying a new cable.
  11. Shooting a leafy is not macro photography. I would probably use my 7-14 if I were to go back. Or I would house the 12-35
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