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  1. I have several of both. below 60 degrees you want a dry suit. A semi dry is only a mildly warmer wetsuit. I like them, but not below 60. I had a commercial suit that was skin in, 3/8 inch farmer John and a skin in pull over jacket where the offset zipper only went half way up and the hood was attached. It was as warm as a dry suit.
  2. I was station on Okinawa for 2 years in the 80s. excellent shore diving and it is part of the coral triangle.
  3. Seems okay. Thank you.

  4. Wasnt suggesting that it was necessarily a battery problem. I do believe we all need to be a lot more careful about leaving chargers unattended while in use. Laptops and phones included. ive probably been on the boat 100 times and do consider them the safest boats I’ve been on anywhere in the world.
  5. Update, the news say it may have been a propane explosion.
  6. Off of Santa Cruz Island early this morning. Preliminary reports suggest all 34 passengers were trapped below . Captain Jerry made it off the boat. Too early to speculate as to cause. One thing is the many chargers that work on theses boats all night. Cell phones, laptops have been known to catch fire while charging. We as photographers are probably the worse. Charging lithium batteries all night. Seems like changes are necessary to charging spaces The Truth Aquatics boats are very safe. I’ve been going out on them for 35 years. I’ve seen many other boats that have no better a set up for charging batteries and lights. We all need to ask questions next time we go out on a boat.
  7. Ive been using just an iPad for years. I dont use the cloud. Note with the new iPad pro, my iPad is now more powerful than most laptops except the very high end. I also have a terabyte of storage. If you need it you will soon be able to run the full version of PS. I do a download each day and use a different card for each day as a second backup. Of course you still can not plug a portable HD into an iPad and move data back and forth. As noted above, there are work around s for this.
  8. Maybe, I had plenty of close passes, but nothing that close. Take an ultra wide (weitwinkel) zoom. Try to get a little ways away from the mob.. Use your strobes like normal wide angle when there will be some debris in the water.
  9. 8-15. You want wide angle, but some flexibility. Tiger beach, or Stuart’s Cove?
  10. I like mine a lot. Prefer it over using a large dome.
  11. Here is a vote for the WWL-1. Find the money to buy it.
  12. I have a 4/3rds set and a compact camera set up. The 4/3s outfit is not a lot smaller than my old SLR outfit. When the photography is not critical I bring the compact camera outfit. Currently that is a Panasonic LX10. I bring a wetlens for wide angle and macro. The macro isnt that useful. This works well.
  13. I bring a new card for each day. I see you do video. My friend brings a portable hard drive for each trip and backs up to that from his laptop.
  14. As mentioned in that link, the index of refraction of water is 1.33, vs 1 for air. Your lens will not be as strong due to this and will thus have longer working distance.
  15. Tipped about 15%. I think 10% is fair just about anywhere. Everything in Cuba seemed more expensive than I had anticipated.
  16. I used duct tape. Worked for about 3 months until I got around to buying a new cable.
  17. Shooting a leafy is not macro photography. I would probably use my 7-14 if I were to go back. Or I would house the 12-35
  18. I have it and have no problems with the focus.
  19. Yes we do, so people in the future know what wetsuit to wear in the Galapagos. You need a 7 mm in the cold water and a 5 mm at wolf and Darwin
  20. Don't know theses camera, nor the housing. But I don't know if I have ever seen a housing for one model that would fit the next. I sure there are some, but not many. Sometimes the manufacture will modify a housing for an upgraded model.
  21. Yes, you get any saltwater on the electronics and they will have to be replaced.
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