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  1. Dear All,


    I am pleased to announce the imminent availability of our largest project so far, Divemaster - the ultimate scuba diving fun for your iPad

    please spread the word about the game among your friends, it really helps.

    You can download the game for the iPad 2,3,4, Mini, retina Mini, and Air from the Apple iTunes store.

    Paid version (no ads) and free version (with ads) are also available. Please buy or download for free our game and give 5* star ratings if you enjoy the game, we made it for you!






  2. Dear Community,

    I would like to share with you our latest small diving game project, inspired by the infamous Flappy Bird game mechanic (and its predecessors smile.gif).

    The game is an endless underwater treasure hunt, packed with funny dead effects, sound and voice over effects, backed by a very energetic music track.

    Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gysomogyi.flappydivers


    if you like the game, please leave a nice review. If not, write it to me here :-)

    The game is free, universal, and coming soon for iO, too..
    Like our page at: http://bit.ly/flappydivers

    Here is the gameplay trailer:



    Here are some screenshots:



  3. Hello Gentlemen,


    since this is the most advanced filter/MWB thread I saw recently, I would like to ask your advice regarding Galapagos and the Panasonic Z10000 3D camera. At these 3D camcorders are these filters doing any good? Or 3D does not matter at all in this regard? Also, what filter -- if any -- should I use at Galapagos (Darwin/Wolf Islands). The housing would be a BS Kinetics housing, they have red and green filters.


    Best regards,


  4. Did the Aggressor II two years ago and it was spectacular. Boat was nice, but I wouldn't say any better than the Explorer Ventures boats I have been on. One bonus for Aggressor is the captain had been doing this itinerary for over 9 years -- he certainly knew the sites like the back of his hand.


    One of the previous posters in this thread said Wolf and Darwin was much better than the rest of the diving, and they are standouts, but the rest of the diving was pretty spectacular too.


    - Our first murky check out dive in the bay at Santa Cruz turned out to be fantastic because we were mobbed by playful sea lions. Welcome to the Galapagos!

    - Cousins was a great dive for Seahorses and different varieties of Blennies and Sea Stars. Unique and different from other destinations

    - One of the early dives at Bartolome was great for watching white tip sharks corraling smaller schools of fish

    - Gordon Rocks was spectacular with schools of Mobula rays and Barracuda.

    - Snorkeling with the penguins at Lands End was very cool.

    - Lots of Eagle rays at Wolf for us

    - Hammerhead highway at Darwin -- hundreds of them interspersed with Silky's and the occasional Galapagos shark.


    The whole thing was pretty amazing. As I said, I'm not sure the boat would be any better or worse, but we went with Aggressor simply because they have the most experience in those waters of the larger companies.





    in which month have you been there?




  5. Hi Folks,


    I would like to sell my Amphibico Discovery Pro 35/50W HID lights (travel pack).


    The kit was purchased in 2006, and was used in some good projects (like making www.theshipsofdarkness.com).


    The travel kit includes the two light heads, the battery pack and charger, 4 LiOn batteries, 1 spare HID light bulb. It is in good working condition, but has some scratches etc on the surface.


    Would you like to ask for more, please contact me at: info (you know the sign) helioxfilm dot hu.


    As for the price: make a good and reasonable offer. I have the 10 watt HID small lights (2x) as well, would you be interested in buying a full set of lights...



  6. Just curious if anyone here is going to use Apple's iBooks Author software to build books about underwater photography or related subjects. Apple is pushing this for interactive textbooks (I worked on the two science titles released by Pearson last week) but I would think it would be useful for how-to books on photography and other graphics-heavy subjects.



    Well, we have just begun something related to this :-) Still exploring the possiblitites, but hell, yes, there are strong intentions to do something special for uw photo and video, yes... .-)

  7. I was sent a PM by someone who wanted to know what sort of preventative and medicine I pack in my first aid kit. I thought I'd bring it out on the forum (I dunno why people have to PM instead ask the questions in the forum where more opinions and expertise are available!).

    My own kit are as follows (depends on area):


    1. Assortment of waterproof bandaids, aspirin(Acetominophen), melatonin.

    2. Silver Solution (non-collodial) gel and liquid. The best anti-microbial/bacterial preventative meds. I spray into my mouth after brushing my teeth and use the gel as a anti-bacterial/fungal preventative for very humid/wet areas. Great for rash/minor cuts etc.

    3. 2 courses of Vermox, Cipro and Flagyl.

    4. Eucalyptus/Neem oil anti-mossie. Also use Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus bar soap for layering if in a dengue/malarial/encephalitis area (soap doubles as shampoo if weight limited!). Reapply every hour.

    5. Glove in a Bottle for prevention of cracked skin, lips etc in extreme dry/cold.

    6. Invisible Zinc 4hr water resistant sunblock for topside and Caribbean Sol Biodegradable Sunscreen for in water (I think there are now rules about sunscreen in some areas in Mexico)

    7. Wound Seal Stop Bleeding or Yunnanbaiyao if I can find it. Both are great for sealing wounds.


    Most of the medicinal stuff gets thrown away once it is 9 mths over use by date. But the Yun Nan Bai Yao helped a buddy who sliced his leg open, when I miraculously remembered to bring the kit on the boat!



    What's in your kit?



    Extremely useful thread Drew, thanks.


    I would add two items (especially for Egypt):


    Dramenex (motion sickness)

    and something for diarrhea...

  8. That's pretty cool, well done.


    You may need to port it for the Andriods.

    More Android smart phones are being sold now and the number is only going to get larger.

    The smart pads too will quickly over take the ipads over the next year or two.



    Thanks Wagsy!


    Yeah, well, why not? It depends on the revenues... Programming services are expensive...

  9. Hi Folks,


    yesterday we kick-started our pre-launch webiste, Divemaster!


    The site rewards subscribers with free wallpaper from the game and offers pre-launch gifts to those who spread the word about Divemaster, coming to the iPad in the fall of 2011. Gifts include free wallpapers, an award winning divefilm and a diving safari on board of the 5 star luxory liveaboards ships of Red Sea Boats.


    Come and subscribe!


    Press release



    PS: The name of the game has been changed to Divemaster from the original Divemaster: The Caribbean.




  10. Looks like fun...What's the name of the game and when is it coming out for iphone4...you know the prize by any chance?



    The name is Divemaster: The Caribbean and the price is not decided yet, we are investigating the best pricing method. iPhone4 version comes after the iPad version, so it means that an update will make the game universal HD.


    Right now it runs at 50 fps at the iPad (1) and at 60 fps at the iPhone4. The first, open water diver level is more than 8000 pixel wide :-)

  11. Great news Jules - glad to see it finally hit the iPad! :)


    Cheers, Simon


    Thanks, Simon! Yes, finally we are close to release it... Somehow did not imagine (before) that game development is just as tedious work as video editing :)

  12. Hi folks,


    Some of you may have heard already, but here is the official announcement:


    A diving game will be released soon for the iPad and later, possible for the iPhone4. It is designed by myself for you, fellow divers. In the game you are a divemaster who must guide underwater photographers to take pictures about underwater animals. Show them as many species as possible, and don't let them die :-)


    As a sneak preview, please find hereby a screenshot, I hope you like it!


    If you wich, please like our starting Facebook fan-page as well, where I will release more and more info, as we go closer to the launch date.

    Divemaster fan-page


    and follow me on Twitter:

    DivemasterGame at Twitter






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  13. For sale 2 barely used Amphibico lights, in box. Approx 10-15 dives.


    Loclite arms, + 4 genuine Sony batteries (no charger)


    New price is around USD2000



    Also, for sale an AJA Kona Lhe 12 bit SD/HD, analogue/digital video capture card with breakout cables

    New price is around: USD1300



    Aja Kona Lhe


    Give me a reasonable offers...


    Shipping cost covered by buyer (or shared, depending on the deal :D ). Shipping from Switzerland.

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