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  1. I will be there also, during the whole event... So at least 3 wetpixel members will be there. +36/20/460-3872 (my cell-phone)
  2. You can use Autodesk Cleaner 6.5, however, it is quite expensive, but a very good conversion tool. You can also try to export quictime conversion menu in FCP, maybe it also works for windows.
  3. Yes, I was in the same shoes like you. I bought that expensive monitor, but finally I had to use the small eyepiece. After my first Red Sea trip I went back to the shop (www.nautica.at), and ask Harald, the owner, to find a solution. After the three hours trying, we got this solution.... I was happy and angry at the same time B)
  4. Dear Mark, regarding the external monitor issue: I met the same phenomenon with my (former) Amphibico external monitor. The solution for me was the following: you have to deselect the Markers in the camcorders menu. No center, no 4:3 sign, no safety area sign. If you do this you will see the other important infos on the external monitor. Enjoy:-) regards, Jules
  5. Sirs, I am going to dive to the Attersee (Austria) today for this weekend, so I can present the Shake-sample early next week. Have a safe dive to you, regards, Jules
  6. Well, my Shake purchase was just in time. I wanted to buy it earlier, but the money was missing. However, in my Apple-life it was the first time when I was lucky: I bought one of my Display just before a significant price--drop, or my Final Cut Studio, just before they announced a cross-grade, when with a single DVD Studio Pro was enught to buy the whole stuff for less:-( Yes, a magyar lány could be very expensive as every women in earth. I have 3. Wife and two beautiful daugthers Back to job: I did not use the "export to shake" menu. I used the in-out point setting on the timeline and exported that part using the Apple intermediate codec. From Shake I exported back to Apple HDV codec (because the sequence was set to that preset.) Actually I would like to built a RAID 5 or 0 array to use HD uncompressed or at least DVCPRO-HD codec the enhance the post-production quality. For example you can capture from the tape via analog HD out, and digitize with a decklink or AJA kona card to the computer, and you can use any codec you want. It needs time to figure out which solution is the best. (Except to buy an HDCAM-SR:-)) Render time: I made the turtle sample with my small macbook pro (2ghz core duo). Finishing the whole procedure took about 3 hours. The clip is only 22 seconds! I could not play the finished Shake footage continously, I had to render it. You can try it, it is on the same directory, 75 megs. For my last project I used my new Mac Pro Xeon Quad. It was more than 2,2 times faster... I can post a full resolution HD clip and the stabilized one, if you want to evaluate it.
  7. Thanks. My workflow rely on a mac: Final Cut Studio and Shake. Before this June Shake was a 2999 dollar application for a post-industry (only), but after this significant price drop I decided to buy it and use for my footage. There are several unusable features for us, but this SmoothCam node is worth the price.
  8. For the first time I took my BW Outdoor case etc. I was checked in with almost 90 kgs... Later I put my cam into the housing and took the whole stuff on board. It is very havey indeed but safe and the Phenom housing without the carry handle fits to the overhead compartment of the bigger aircrafts.
  9. To add my 2 cents (however my reply should be in the post-production topics): As you see a I have a Z1, however I took into consideration to change my config for the V1. Not only the 25/4p but the HDMI out can be very interesting. Why? Check the following site: Decklink Intensify. It promises that with an HDV cam, wich has an HDMI output you can work in 4:2:2 quality, if you use theirs Intensfy capture card (for mac and for windows also). Actually I have bad feelings because of the marketing. Decklink talks about eliminating the HDV compression artifacts if you use their product. I do not know the improvement is really so good or not. One you have your HDV-compressed footage on your tape (and it is in 4:2:0) how a hell can it be again 4:2:2 (as it was just after coming out from the CCD-s?). If it is true it sounds very promising to make batter qualty post-production work. (Or you can buy a sony m25 deck wich has also an HDMI output, or a small HC3 as the cheapest solution to have HDMI out)
  10. I followed the above mentioned method for my wreck-etude. I wrote to the artist (explained the situation - non-profit etc.) and he said also: go ahead. I often search the net for royalty free - and quality - music, however the question of the music raises one more thing which should be taken into consideration: your sequence rely on the music score (beat, mood etc.) so you cut it following the music or you work first on the picture and just after finishing the sequence you are try to find a music which fits to it. For my latest sequence I rely on the music but if was sometimes very bad because I try to imagine which pictures would be the best for the score. I spent much more time with the listening as I expected at the beginning of the editing.
  11. Your hungarian is amazing Well, actually in the Danube you can make real muck dive - I am sure that no frogfish will be find out there... Shake is avalaible for Linux but for Linux it is about 4000 USD for mac only 499 USD.
  12. Hi, if you are interested in you can download a very short sequence about a turtle on Thistlegorm. There is a raw footage and a stabilized one with Apple Shake's Smoothcam node. Regards, Jules Turtle sample teknos.mov (raw) teknos_shake.mov (stabilized)
  13. Congratulation to your footage, my daugther and I enjoyed it very much! I read these forums since a while but after your demo I felt I have to register myself... According to the Phenom: Actually I have, with a Z1 and some HID lights. And I live close to Russia (in Hungary) regards, Jules
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