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  1. Well, as I see we have a cult of Unicum... So I feel obliged to bring some bottles with me... And some Hungarian gipsy music Last year I was in an Etap Hotel in Vieux Port, they had a garage as well, but I parked my car in the parking pool of the Pharo. Was 54 EUR for the whole duration, but as I calculated (after), it would have been cheaper if I payed by the hour and not prepaid at the festival. The Etap was also about 1 km from the Pharo, maybe a little more, but you need fresh air after a day with Unicum anyhow... And for movie-making guys: the big room is a really nice cinema facility, big-big screen and comfortable seats...
  2. You can count on me, Simon And on the DivePhotoGuide booth... At least these are my plans, but I strongly hope I can make it.
  3. Simply the best on DVD: Danny Van Belle
  4. Yes, this is the good way. However, please note, that HDV is not uncompressed footage. In fact, it is quite heavily compressed, but if your original material was HDV and the final output is the same HDV, than you may say you give out your raw material (just after editing if any). To get real uncompressed HD you need special equipment (I/O Card, like the AJA Kona/Xena and appropriate recording device), but I don't think that your client wants the real uncompressed HD...
  5. Adobe is bringing a new digital publishing solution this summer... Digital magazine workflow by Adobe
  6. I have no authority for the prices, but I can tell you one thing: in recent years I switched my papaer based subscriptions to digital versions. I'm moving a lot, but I hate to trash old magazines I still like. The pricing question should be examined carefully, sure. And I pay for the content primarily, but at the same time the content should be packed nicely. Why would photos worth less in digital form? Does a negative film worth more than a RAW file? But I'm not a photographer...
  7. Oh well, maybe in English typographie 3,000,000 is written like this But seriously, WPQ is just a perfect fit for the iPad. And for those outside the US, it would make shipping etc much more easy - click and buy, and download is far more easy way to have such a great product on my desk Not speaking when you are demoing the iPad to friends you could do it with the best magazine ever... And, for an iPad edition, you could incorporate movies as well...
  8. Dear Folks, I'm in the making of an iPad game. The game (somehow ) will focus on the underwater life. I would like to ask for help. I made three lists about marine life in various enviroment, such as tropical waters, temperate waters and arctic/antarctic waters. However, I'm sure that I miss some nice animals (or listed not the most representative animals) - due to my limited knowledge. I'm looking for ideas which animals would you like to see on the list (and in the game). There are two main criterias: 1. the animal should fit to one of the scene, 2: the animal should be easily recognizable, so the list should be in a way very diverse - to help the graphic artist and the player to distinctiate among animals. I have space for 15-18 animals per scene, and some extra night-only animals. Please help me, and give ideas - I count on your experience and on photographic eyes... Many thanks, Jules My preliminary lists contain the following animals: Tropical waters: blowfish green sea turtle anemona (Nemo) fish banded butterfly fish red coral spotted grouper Octopus Seahorse Manatee Whale shark Manta Barracuda Angel shark blue whale Snake Tiger shark Temperate waters: seabirds sardines (small groups) sailfish big grouper murena (eel) octopus dolphins king angelfish bluefin tuna white tip shark Galapagos bullhead shark ocean sunfish grey whale eagle ray Hammerhead shark Arctic/Antarctic waters starfish emperor penguin young icefish sea pig basket star beluga narwhal humpback whale antarctic cod colossal squid orcas bowhead whale walrus comb jelly (with lights) Threadfin pithead
  9. I would love to see the WPQ on my iPad... Any plans?
  10. The promo video looks nice... [embedded video -moderator]
  11. There is a Timecode generator under the video filters in the effects tab or menu. You just drop it on the sequence, and there you go. If you want to customize it, double-clik, it opens in the viewer, and there you can customize it, and then drag it onto the sequence.
  12. http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controll...p;modelid=20321 Here are the details... Many important details and charactereistics...
  13. Although not immediate help, but: video compression webinar http://www.newmediawebinars.com/webinar-vi...-great-results/
  14. Well, if someone would ask me about film, tiger sharks and free diving (and freediving) I would recommend to check the website of Mr. Ralf Kiefner and Ms Andrea Ramalho. Beautiful and very talented people... http://www.ocean-pix.de/ Best, Jules
  15. It seems there is a Gamma difference between the two images, for me the output looks a bit washed out. Here is a post regarding this: http://www.digitalrebellion.com/blog/posts...mma_quirks.html
  16. Well, Timeline can have several mines laid down... 0, try to make a nested sequence, and check whether the problems are still there... First, check whether you have used any MP3 files on the sound tracks... If yes, convert them to AIFF in iTunes, then re-import, and replace them. Secondly, check how many kind of video sources you have on the timeline... A foreign DV can also cause problems... If yes, try to reconvert them with quickctime and then re-import and replace them. Just a few quick ideas... Best, Gyula
  17. Very nice site Bruno! And the film - although I have seen the short version in Marseille, I am eager to see the long version! Only one comment: please make the preview window larger, I would happily watch an HD version... Now it looks so small in my 30" display...
  18. Why do I feel a strong English dominance in this thread? By the way, Dean, I assume that you know that hearing classical music during pregnancy has a very good effect? Of course not on you, you are lost
  19. Hi folks, I have finished recently a new film about explosive remnants of war, titled: Before the blast. You can watch the 31 min film here: www.helioxfilm.hu/blast.html Since the film is NOT an underwater film I share it with you for a different reason (but would you watch it, I would be happy). When I was searching the net for suitable background music I have found the website of Simon Wilkinson, a UK-based composer, who works for several clients, and I purchased his Drama collection for this film, so you can check the music in my film. He released 4 CDs with about 2,5 hours music altogether for a very-very reasonable price (approx. 58 USD/ each CD), and after buying it you can use for whatever project you want. I managed to negotiate with him a discount for Wetpixel folks, which is 10% from each license he offers. The offer is valid until the end of this year, and the promo code is: wetpixel. At the same time he is running a different discount, if you buy the 4 CDs together you get 25% of (this can not be combined with the wetpixel offer). I think this is a great help for us fellow filmmakers, since struggling with costly music rights is a huge problem, now, this offer can reduce our pain Here is the website: www.thebluemask.com best, Jules
  20. Congratulations Dean and Jacky! You will see that this change will be the best change in your life! (And prepare for mindnight video editing ) May best wishes to you and to your growing family!
  21. Hi folks, I've just found this link on the Hungarian dive portal (www.divecenter.hu). This short video was made under a beer factory in Kőbánya (a suburb-like part of Budapest), where the cellar is under water and you can dive there. Best, Jules
  22. Hi Wagsy, Sure we have. The housing was at Cocos Island and got some nice footage. I am still preparing a short preview test, just I had to finish a topwater documentary... But now... I got the notification for the wide angle as well...
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