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  1. Yes, this is a very sensitive issue... As I saw the site, the dolphins could go away if they really would like to. But they have dolphins born at that site. Not far away from there, there is the aquarium, in which humans are going under water in tubes and the coral reef is around them.
  2. No, it is in Eilat, if you mean under Dolphin reef that one which is in Egypt. I have footage from there as well. There you really need to be lucky. (That is why I did not use "wild" in the title.) Yes, if you refer to the Dolphin reef in Eilat. The still was taken by Tibor Dombovari (this visit was in 2006).
  3. Hi, Just want to share a short, unedited clip about dolphins... http://www.vimeo.com/5744903 Best, Jules
  4. When you create the DVD in the DVD authoring application, you can set up the looping.
  5. You don't have to look so far, cross the oceans... Maybe some land-landers will open the turtle box very soon
  6. We will see soon -- just a couple of weeks... I think deciding between the EX3 and the 5D depends on the work and the target audience you want to reach... If this is an HD broadcaster, go for the EX3, if it is not for broadcasting, go for the 5D... Or I would do that, at least... Or wait for the Scarlet...
  7. Amphibico's website is under construction... I think the EX3 housing is lurking around
  8. We are really happy for you, indeed. So, tomorrow you can send us the link to your last movie...?
  9. If for some reasons you are not seeing this command, you have to install the XDCAM Transfer app: http://www.sonybiz.net/biz/view/ShowConten...=BC+Tools+XDCAM Here are three ways to get the footage to FCP: http://www.studiodaily.com/studiomonthly/t...t-Pro_9142.html
  10. I mean: File Menu / Import command / Sony XDCAM command Then it will launch the XDCAM transfer app, in which you can select the clips etc.
  11. How do you make it exactly? Are you initating the (clip browser) XDCAM Transfer from FCP?
  12. Hm, I know everything, you don't need to say more :-) Good news: the new Canon firmware bring us manual aperture, shutter and ISO during shooting video: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0905/09052701...kiifirmware.asp
  13. Hm, your language skills are amazing - I cannot even just imagine your adventures in Hungary Just to add some more Canon movies: http://theeoscars.com/5dblog/
  14. Another topside short film with two 5DMKIIs. Featuring a very beautiful modell... iNSight
  15. It has two uses: 1. live recording: you can get 1920*10890 4:2:2 stream from your V1 into your computer (the Kona has the Xena variant for the windows world) 2. Capture avoiding HDV codec: here you simple save time. Instead of capturing HDV and then re-compress it to a different codec, you can get right the desired codec in much-much less time. No quality improvement in the means of quality of the footage, but later on, if you are making color grading, or compositing, or simply rendering, the ProRes codec will be much better.
  16. Yes, it is true. But in your current case, you could get your footage out of the camcorder, since it is bypassing the iLink output...
  17. Hi, yes, I use a Kona LHe capture card for capturing HDV footage directly to Prores, and to monitor the footage on an external monitor. Pro: you can avoid HDV Con: cost much money... Best, Jules
  18. Nice film Bruno, I hope we can see it soon the whole stuff at the end of October Best, Jules By the way: try vimeo for sharing your films, it has HD capability and if am right, it is not limited to 10 minutes...
  19. I think you may try to rent one for a day. Or, if you have an Aja Kona or Decklink card, you can capture the footage via them (analogue output from the camcorder and digitize with the capture card).
  20. Hi Bryce, I think the FireWire port died, unfortunately. Try to remember: when you connect the camcorder with the computer, were any of them switch on? Sony sais that both devices should be switch off before connecting, otherwise it can kill the firewire port on the camcorder. (When I bought my V1, I had to sign a paper, that the distributor warned me about his possibility, because the warranty is not void for this...). So try to grab another HDV tape or camcorder to capture the footage... Best Jules
  21. Well Mark, that was a really great post -- I totally agree with you! Best, Jules
  22. Looks great! I would like to see many-many pics in the review And some screen grabs, if they are not under NDA...
  23. Thanks for the reactions... It seems it worth a try and the extra effort to organize the clips...
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