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  1. http://www.goldendolphin.ru/en/content/fest/205.html Here are the results fopt the photos...
  2. Greetings from Moscow Well, since this nanoFlash thing became very interesting, and there is the other thread regarding the acceptance of the EX1 and EX3, I thought I ask here Sealux, who has a housing for the EX1, what they think about the nanoFlash and the modification of the EX1 housing. Well, they were very interested in, and promised me (and the Wetpixel folks) that they will take a closer look how they could incorporate it... Best, live from the DivePhotoGuide booth, Jules by the way, I made a little interview with them http://www.vimeo.com/3318020
  3. I think this is a very valid comment... Here is the link: XDR All you need is a HD-SDI output...
  4. As far as I know, Amphibico will make a housing for the EX3... That should be a very-very nice piece of art...
  5. Hi Nick, check this for stock footage specifications: http://www.istockphoto.com/videographer_6.0_requirements.php Best, Jules
  6. Works well, I am using Sony HDV camcorders and Final Cut Pro since the end of 2005...
  7. Hi, I am thinking to re-catalogize my tapes, making short clips with a hope to sell them via footage libraries. Then I searched the net and found that there are many HDCAM, HDCAM SR sources, but less HDV... What is your experience: is the HDV footage sellable footage? Does it worth the work to make a catalogue, submit clips to stock libraries (or run your own as for example Wagsy does)? If yes, could you recommend me such libraries? I made some research on the net, there are plenty of them, but which one (or two) were able to sell your footage? Best, Jules
  8. Hi Ron, that's way I would spend more bucks on a good lens - and then I can use it topside as well. Right now I am looking for more info on the .65 wide angle with full zoom. It is 51 mm long in physical size. I hope it will fit to the dome port. But I have still time to decide, so will looking for test pics. On DVinfo I found a similar thread, but I am sure I will find more. Edit: found some more test, and the testers were not satisfied with it... Hm... not easy... Ron's results on DVInfo showed that the Raynox for that price is quite good. thanks for sharing your experience, best, Jules
  9. Roger, previously I owned this lens for my Phenom - really nice, but if you scratch it, it will cost a couple hundreds bucks to repair. :-) The magic filter is a good idea. Right now I try to figure out which combination would serve me best for wide angle (unfortunately I am a pixel peeper, so it is not so easy job...) As I found an the Amphibico site, the 94 lens is a 0.68 wide angle. If I would buy a Century optics 0.55 wide angle, it could produce similar image? I know it is not full zoom, but I want to use only for really wide angle shots, zoom out... I heard about a Swiss lens manufacturer, who has a nice aspheric wide angle lens for this camcorder... I will check it as well. I found this compilation of these lenses at a German site:
  10. Nick, MPEg Streamclip reports two broken data parts in both files, so there is something wrong. Could you maybe re-create them? Otherwise it plays well. Jules
  11. Hi Nick, no, FCP users cannot open the m2t files. However, you can covert them into almost any format with MPEG Streamclip (free app.). I converted it with this app to HDV1080i60, 1440*1080, and works well in FCP, and it is the same size in megabytes. However, I find the linked m2t file a bit strange, because there were stops in the footgae (I mean the playing fps dropped to 0 in the last third part of the clip). best, Jules
  12. Well, thanks Wagsy, it seems it will fit... Jules
  13. Just to bring back this topic... I finally decided to buy an Endeavour housing for my V1 - but I am not sure whether I should go for the 94 degrees wide angle lens or maybe it is better (and cheaper) to buy the dome port and buy an .55x or so wide angle lens from Century optics. I suppose it will fit but I think this way I would loose the flip filter. Has anyone tried the dome and a wide angle lens with the Endeavour? I know RonScuba uses this combo with his Gates housing. Best, Jules
  14. I join to Dean and also wish you a very Happy Birthday! I can not even imagine the barrels of Guiness for today evening
  15. Well, you dropped the rock into the water. Seriously, these are very-very interesting and exciting times, but one aspect: when you buy something now, maybe its value will drop 90% next year... The product cycles are very short/or fast now... As far as I remember, when one bought a Sony VX-1000, one could rest assure it will serve her/him well in the following 5-6 years... Even with the Ex1 sometimes I feel it is an "old" camcorder...
  16. Hm, dear Dean, my beloved friend, I'm afraid, I sent you too much Unicum Shoot safe, Jules
  17. It would be good to know which editing softwares are you using? I mean the most popular types: Final Cut Express and Pro, Edius, iMovie etc.
  18. Well, than write me your wildest editing dreams, we try to accomodate them...
  19. Dear fellow videomakers, just want to start a thread in the following topic: based and inspired on the positive comments and reactions I got to my first video editing tutorial, I decided to create a new tutorial on editing in 2009. (Planned release date in the 2Q of 2009). Since I am now in the pre-production phase, I thought I will ask the community which topic should I incorporate? Which part of the editing process casued you headaches when you started, which part is essential according to your opinion, experience. The tutorial will focus on the editing process (everything after shooting - After Dive Tutorial , and it will not focus on a particular application (although I will demonstrate techniques mainly using Final Cut Pro, but will make excursions to Premier and possibly Windows-based apps, like Pinnacle studio). My aim is to create a video tutorial which help you to start working after you came back from diving, you have plenty of tapes (or memory cards, or files on you disk) but you are sitting before your computer, the timeline is empty and you are in trouble: where, how should I start? Important approach: I try not to show just some of the techinques (eg: you should cut here or there using this tool), but to give an explanation: why should you do this or that... The tutorial will have a special structure in order to help people with no experience and help people with some experience in the field (so a beginner and intermediate level). The tutorial will be made in English, French, German and Hungarian language versions and 1280x800 px resolution. A professional editor from the film industry will supervise the whole stuff. Preliminary draft content: Capturing Organizing (media management) Reviewing footage (evaluating - A-roll, B-roll, cutaways, taking into consideration the basic types of shots (so not only underwater)) Prepare for edit (subclips, naming, extra logging - in connection wth the organizing part) Timelines and codecs - rendering The editing process -- some theory (theory of montage etc) -- different types, requirements ---- documentary ---- music ---- action -- editing techniques ---- tools which are provided for the non-linear editing (split, cut, roll etc) -- workflow ---- rough cut ---- fine tuning -- basic effects -- keying (in connection with effects) -- basic color corrections -- basic music editing - working with original music, cleaning audio, setting levels etc.) Preparation for output -- widescreen mattes, broadcast safe filters etc. -- output to tape -- output for internet -- output for on-line systems I would appreciate you comments, suggestions which topic would be necessary... Best for 2009, Jules
  20. Thanks guys, I appreciate your words very much. I started to make it in Motion, but Motion lacks many-many important 3D features, such as volumetric lights, cast shadow etc. Without them you can create only a very sterile environment. Also, Motion makes sometimes very bad renders, so after a quite long struggling I left Motion for Cinema 4D. Why Cinema 4D? it has a very nice interface and a relatively short leraning phase (significantly shorter than Maya). I spent a month to learn the basics and a little beyond - animating cameras (I have 5 cameras in the scenes), creating particles, experiencing volumetric lights (the light beams you can see), modelling some stuff (reflexing dome-port, lightheads, frames etc). The clips lacks many texture refinements, but texturing is another full time job I focused on the cameras, creating an illusion that we are under water, in a dark corridor, where the diver finds a special video-exhibition. In fact, the left side is the group playing the music. At first I wanted to put this clip to my Ships of darkness DVD, but after spending two months with it I did not feel that it reached that stage I envisioned in my mind - so I had to leave it. But, as I stated, it was a very-very nice and useful excursion to the 3D world. Just to have an insight: I switched on all the features in the clip (especially the so called displacements maps, when the texture defines the surface of a model), and started rendering. After coming home from daily work, my Mac Pro (4x2,66 cores, 8 gig of ram, and a special ATI readeon 3870 HD card) finished rendering 8 (eight) frames of the total 2500 frames Thanks, Jules
  21. Hi, just want to share my very first 3D animation underwater clip... It would need refinements... This short clip teached me how many workhours are in the top 3D films... The lost corridor Best, Jules
  22. Hi, my DVD - Ships of Darkness - is on sale, accompanied by free Christmas shipping worldwide. Check out our eBay listing: Ships of Darkness on eBay or our website: www.theshipsofdarkness.com (it will be updated very soon). Intro of the short film and the intro of the tutorial can be seen here: http://www.vimeo.com/Helioxfilm/videos Buyer of the DVD will get 5US discount when subscribing to Wetpixel Quaterly! Jules
  23. I would sell my Amphibico Gift Certificate. Value is 1250 USD. (Valid until 2009 February) Contact: info@helioxfilm.hu Jules
  24. Thank you guys, I appreciate very much! And welcome Amir at Wetpixel
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