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  1. Yes, you can make it, basically two ways: 1) constant speed remap 2) variable speed remap (with Final Cut Pro, Motion, Shake). 1) Right click on the clip, select the "Speed" command, and in there set the wished speed, and check the "Frame blending" checkbox. Do not forget to cut the clip, because this will valid for the entire length of the clip. 2) Double click on the clip. In the Viewer window select the Motion tab. In therein select the Time remap tringle. In there you have several options, Constant Speed, Variable Speed, the speed curve changes accordingly. You can use keyframes as well to limit the effect. Play with it. 2/b) For extreme slow downs I recommend to use Motion, and its Optical flow retiming features, where the missing frames (in case of slowdown you will have missing frames if you have shot with normal speed) will be calculated using a sophisticated method. Check the intro of my tutorial (third task): After Dive Tutorial Intro Best, Jules
  2. I wish all the best to my friend Mark Thorpe (Camdiver) and Terue! They have just married
  3. Thanks guys Well, I started the 33rd... Looking to my 3 years old daughter it seems far too much Anyhow, Unicum helps... especially after days...
  4. So, I am also here, after 6 hours driving from Geneva. In a few hours I will set up the DivePhotoGuide booth - and I am looking forward for Wetpixelians to join me for a drink in the DPG bar... We have very nice Hungarian spirits
  5. Yeah, it seems we will have a DivePhotoGuide booth and a bar, so Unicum will be tehre ready for taste. Moreover, some other fine spirits will come as well from Hungary... Good days are guaranteed... Jules
  6. I would sell my Amphibico Discovery Pro 35/50W HID light system -- switchable lights (35 or 50 watts) -- switchable light temperature (depends on the power output) -- LED pilot lights -- remote on-off switch with Amphibico Phenom or Endeavour housings -- hardcase -- works with two NP1B battery, I give 3 batteries with it -- working time on 50 w is approx. 65 minutes -- ultralight arms Price: 4200 USD (negotiable) + shipping (I will travel to US within a week, so you can save shipping costs from Europe if you buy now Info: info@helioxfilm.hu
  7. Hi, I am considering to sell my V1E (the professional version of the Fx7), with some accessoires,il ke batteries, wireless mic, varizoom shoulder pad, manfrotto tripod, HDMI-to HD-SDI converter, bags, external gun mic, etc. Camcorder has one year warranty. You can reach me: info@helioxfilm.hu Best, Jules
  8. Thanks Wagsy for your and Kelly's offer However, it seems I could get this night a voice talen on board. But if I need Kelly's voice for a next project I will go directly to you... I appreciate your offer very much... For the timing, yes, you are right: RUSH, RUSH, RUSH But I hope I can finally finish this project in the following two weeks... Mark: A letter has been sent to you... Jules
  9. Dear Colleagues, I am looking for an English voice talent who would help me in the making of a tutorial's voice track. The text which should be recorded is 37 000 character (with spaces) long and approx. 65 minutes long in total. I have asked already some companies on the internet, but unfortunately their prices are very high (at least for me .) I would appreciate any help, idea, suggestion. All the best, Jules My deadline is the 7th of September... So it is very close...
  10. Nice You can charge Scubapro for sponsoring their gear at this important competition...
  11. Hi, I used Lariam in Tanzania. Those side effects are real, so I swore I will never ever use it again... use gin-tonic against malaria... (I was not a diver that time..) Since I was there only for a month, my experience is not overwhelming... But I am also interested in what can one use against malaria... Jules
  12. Hi Mark, please convey my best wishes to Chris! I hope we can meet again in Antibes or elsewhere, he is a really good chap and filmmaker, and yes, as Pakman mentioned: laugh is guaranteed in his company! Get well very soon Chris!
  13. Hi, in Final Cut Pro there is such a possibility to equalize the narration. I am not before my mac, so couldn't say which is, but you may find it in the menu...
  14. Hm, Eric, I downloaded as well. And, what a surprise, it really did not ask... I tried it with another file, that case it asks for auto-conform (HDV timeline, DV clip.)... I got an orange sign above the timeline and a red. Orange says that the video playback is unlimited but audio needs render, if the RT is set to Unlimited. If I set it to Safe RT, it asks for render at the video as well. I think the answer is the system's capability for playback. Since this file is so limited (one audio channel, its bitrate is 259,3 K/sec only) the system can handle it very good - however it needs render, but its very-very quick. But since there is normally no divx-based timeline in FCP, it does not ask to change the timeline basic codec to the clip's codec. I hope it makes sense for you. If there would have been such a timeline-preset it would ask for it... Hope it helps... I wish all success to you over there, greetings to Mary Lynn! Jules
  15. Hi, we thought you may want to check 5 short films from the Hungarian "seas" This link contains these shorts, if you click the title of the film, it takes you the high qualitiy version (if exists). Some of them has Hungarian narration, be prepared Enjoy!
  16. I was not involved to that particular trip, but I can ask OG-Lee, the filmmaker about the secrets of the Maldives
  17. Hi, one of our fellow Hungarian filmmakers made this little trip video - but it is more than a normal trip film. Other film: And for the cave lovers - an excellent short about a Romanian cave, Isverna: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDA1dKrN7xg Enjoy!
  18. Wow, nice digital cinema camera and beard, mate! Have the sharks eaten your razr? Congratulations... And the housing? All the best, Jules
  19. Congrats mate, I am happy that you got it... Now you can shoot the pikes again - during night dives
  20. Where can I get a clear pictures about these 4-5 compression versions - I mean its meaning. I am a little bit confused. When I render my timeline after editing does it mean compression? Re-calculating the GOP pattern, making new frames etc.? If I re-edit it later and later again the quality of the footage will decrease? Let's suppose I shot in HDV but deliver it in DV-PAL. There is one compression only. Shot and edit in HDV and then export to DV. Or not?
  21. Hah, I have just created a nice, 22000 pixel long 3D corridor with 3 video walls (with replicators), animate a camera with two attached spot-lights during the long corridor, and what made this terrible render time was: a 22000 pixel long snow particle system in 3D space... This is my Ships-DVD's main menu intro... However, now the window sais: 6 hours passed, 8 hours to go... What makes me angry, Motion use only 100% processor power from 400%... Why? I searched the net, and found similar complains in the CreativeCow or in a Barefeats test... Apple designed the Mac Pro and the Motion. Why did not optimized them to work together?
  22. No comment Rendering a rather complex Motion sequence to DV-PAL.... Its lenght is 1 min 30 sec...
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