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  1. I usually just grabs myself a couple of Jack Daniel's to remove the worst shaking....... - good news Wags, I will have a look at it. WTF - no Vegas plugin........ :-(
  2. Does anyone know why they did not put them in to production ?
  3. Hi. More and more hosting company's offers large amount of traffic and also okey for big files download. I have made a test account with a webhosting company i Los Angeles, but the download speed is awful, and it's buffering all the time, making it's useless. It might be the distance from Denmark to the US westcoast, so couldt any of you in Califonia test this videofile, and see if it will download okey ? It's a 480x360 - 1mbit wmv file - www.skagenmedia.com/skagen/fireworks.wmv Anyone else with a good webhost ?
  4. Nick, The Brightcove console is nice, I does not matter that it takes a little time to load. Here in Denmark the videos downloaded fine, playing without buffering. I have a 4Mbit connection. The quality was best with the Flix pro encoder.
  5. Hi Ron, I does this on a regular basis, find it beautifull. You can see some exsamples in this videclip: www.skawdiver.dk I use Kowalski torches with dimmerswitch, which is superb. The dimmerswitch allows you to balance the light with the background. When i makes these shots, I usually sets the camara (PD-170) on full auto (-but use focus-lock) , and that works perfect. HCA
  6. Thanks for the good laugh - I needed it :-)
  7. G'morning All of the encoders have problems with the blue water, but some was better at it than others. This is my verdict. Best: Flash - for overall performance Second: QT H.264 - Best at the blue water, but I have a feeling of some stuttering, or is it just me ? Third: Xvid Fourth: WMV+Divx -now we just need to make a comparison with a clip that has lot's of different colours and some fast moving action...... B)
  8. - and so you did, without making the links available Pssst Wags - are you sleeping ? - it's only 7pm now, so you cannot go to bed yet ZZzzzzzzzzzzz Sweet dreams........................ Edit: Argh.... I was posting while you where uploading. Thanks, now go to bed !
  9. The whales are fine, but the blue water has some visible pixel's, but that's how it goes when a big area almost got the same colour. And yes, a pair of steady hands would have helped The summer here in Denmark has been awful, windy and cold AARGH - and very wet - not so much because of diving, but the amount of rain we got, has made new records several times. I haven't got a clue where "this" will end
  10. All files downloaded nicely to Denmark. All played fine in Mediaplayer, except Phenom.avi, which only played in the DivX player.
  11. Yeah, tell us about the blacks, it was very impressive ! HCA
  12. Hi Jules, Nope - been too busy with ordinary land media productions, that I haven't any new and stunning material this season - and I am pretty sure, that I will not be able to find the time to visit the festival. However, I just might travel to Haag (NL) and se what Ed can do with his attempt to make an underwaterfestival there (www.northseafilmfestival.com) HCA
  13. L'estartit - Yep, nice place. Problaby the "biggest" place in europe whith organized diving trips. The octupus was acutually the largest one I have ever seen in the Med, and yes it was pretty "beaten up" HC Edit: Cool, found this site with a live webcam from L'estartit towards the Medes islands. Link
  14. Has been a while since my last sharing, so I thought that I would stitch together a little 4 min. video for all of you. But beware - it's antique 4.3 stuff........ Clik her to watch Hans Christian
  15. Cold water and thick neoprene gloves....... -still it's a good tip !
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