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  1. I went with DiveNinjas in November. I thought they did a great job. There were also a number of independent fishermen running private charters. I'm sure they are all good but I'm more comfortable in Mexico with a local known company that provides this service.
  2. I just had a trip at the end of November and flew into Cabo San Lucas (SJD) from the US. I have been using a carry on Pelican Case and feel they targeted the case. I was pulled out of line for it and they demanded $400 for my Aquatica AD7100 housing and 8" dome. After googling and determining it wasn't for sale anymore, I was charged $96US. I was also told the value of the items I am bringing in cannot be greater than $3,000.00 or they would be confiscated. Possibly, that's BS but is what they told me. They also told me they are looking for underwater housings + dome port and drones. If you have a drone, you also need to have a US FAA license to operate it. This was not the way to start my vacation. On my way out of the country my Pelican case was searched twice (once checking in and again before boarding the bus that takes you to the plane). I had my dive weights, stubby screwdrivers and a selfie stick for my action camera confiscated. The selfie stick was my fault as I didn't pay attention to Mexico having different carry-on requirements than the US.
  3. Hi Tim, I am interested in 1 - Underwater Set – Aquatica AD7100/7200 Housing with Dual Bulkheads, 8” wide angle Dome and Dome shade, Nikon D7100 Body & Battery & Charger and Tokina 10-17mm lens with Zoom ring - $2400 Questions: What type of strobe bulkhead setup do you have? Is there a vacuum valve on this? Can I see some pictures of the housing and dome port. I sent you an email as well. Thanks. Dean
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