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  1. Hi Friends, I'm wanting to buy a Recsea housing for a Canon G12. Please contact me if you have one you are looking to re-home. Please note that I am not interested in any other brand of housing. I am also looking separately for the circular plastic dial that plugs fibre optic cables into this housing. Thank you.
  2. Looking to buy a Canon G16 Nauticam housing in excellent never leaked condition (with or without camera). Please contact me.
  3. Such a perfect solution! Now why didn't I think of that? I can't quite see on my 7D Nauticam housing where I would mount a GoPro (which I already have - though despise the fact that there's no zoom capacity ...) Would you mind posting a photo please of how you've mounted yours? Thanks so much.
  4. You make a lot of sense and will now send me off to Camera Decision to check out the differences between G12 and G16 Though I'm not a fan of anything Ikelite - all too big, heavy, bulky and rugged for me I think it will be worth me investigating other housing options. For me Canon colour is life and other brands just fail in the colour department as far as my eye is concerned. After my video test on the Canon 7D yesterday with all the autofocus issues, sadly, it's gotta go. Maybe I'll be a compact shooter and a Canon shooter for life - only a successful trial of the RX100 next week is likely to convince me otherwise.
  5. Yes - this is all what has kept my head spinning - thinking now maybe I'll just secure a new housing for my G12 - every year I try to upgrade and can never find something that I think will tick all my boxes so I just give up ...
  6. I was scared you might say something like that - who has time for that when an octopus is doing a cartwheel in front of you? :-( Thanks so much for the feedback ... Thank you for the feedback - honestly, I don't want a logistical nightmare every time something exciting happens underwater that just needs an instant 'Hit and Record' - so sad as the video quality is pretty nice ... when it's actually focussed :-(
  7. I'm struggling with video focus on the Canon 7D which will be make or break for me keeping or selling it off. I shot this video of a calamari squid hunting yesterday: As you can see, whenever the squid moves closer to the camera, the footage goes out of focus. I switch regularly back and forward between video and stills, mainly filming marine animal behaviours which can be unpredictable. Are there any not-overly complicated solutions to this or is my 7D about to have a 'For Sale' sticker put on it? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  8. Interesting parallel - and I would be certain this kind of experience would not be uncommon - the 7D Nauticam housing is a dream! Personally I find a 60mm lens way to restrictive for the sites I dive regularly and I've been a bit more experimental with the 18-55 and even the 10-22. I've been talked out of mirrorless by people who know my shooting style and priorities as there's not a huge amount of benefit to me to making that exchange, so again I'm gravitating to maybe the Canon GX7 Mark 2 - maybe losing a quarter of my shots per charge will just force me to shoot more selectively.
  9. Thank you. I think in all honesty I need to explore the large sensor compact options - maybe Canon GX7 Mk 2 despite the battery life reduction from the G12. Funny enough, my damaged hand is from carrying the huge rig with the (now banished) twin Ikelites the 200 metres from my car to the water on my regular dives 4-10 times a week. With a Single Sea and Sea rather than 2 whopping Ikelites it's now 6.7 kgs which is much more managable. Underwater the rig is just slightly negative with buoyancy arms already - but thanks so much for that comment.
  10. How much in Aussie dollars please? I am considering a GH4 so this might be a good complete package for me if I head in that direction?
  11. Thank you for sharing - you've taken some absolutely gorgeous images (those mating sea snakes - wow!!!!) Having looked at a lot of uw photos taken with Sony RX100, to me the colours always tend to look really 'hot' and the shadows, darks and blues are underpinned by a lot of grey I just don't see in photos taken by other cameras. Maybe it's all in my head but I've noticed that consistently across RX100 images across many users ... maybe my brain is just hard-wired to Canon colour?
  12. I already shoot super macro on the G12 using a Recea Flip Diopter. While I would love to stay with the G12, my housing needs upgrading and it wouldn't hurt to go for a larger sensor at this stage, now that I've experienced the quality difference from shooting on the 7D which is just too big for my daily and travel needs.
  13. Hmmm - I haven't done any research yet into the Sony A6300 but will take a look. Thanks for the heads up on the gear and housing costs - my research had led me straight to that lens but without looking at price tags. Forgive my ignorance, but when you say dedicated Macro Mode, do you have to switch to that before the dive and stay with it for the entire dive, or can you toggle in and out of the macro mode during a dive?
  14. You have sent me on an interesting journey where I am now researching between Panasonic GH5 and Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II - thank you.
  15. An age old question I suppose ... I've been shooting successfully on a Canon G12 in a Recsea housing for around 7 years (here's a gallery of my latest marine life portrait images, only 7 of which were not shot on the G12: https://pinktankscuba.com/2016/01/04/latest-images-gallery/) I write for a monthly scuba magazine and have had 4 covers shots to date out of my G12. My greatest joy in life is getting shots others don't get because my single-strobe compact rig is so tiny and versatile I never have to swim away from a shot. My housing is so old it needs to be replaced (alas it's obsolete) and I am keen to upgrade to a larger sensor for improved image quality. I recently scored a total bargain on a 2nd hand Canon 7D in Nautical housing, but even after replacing the insanely heavy Ikelite strobes with Sea and Sea YSD2, the rig is still impractically heavy (too much weight for travel, the fabulously functional housing is much larger than I am used to which prevents me from seeing my frequently small / macro subjects with my own eyes, etc.) After 7 years of versatility of shooting with great inbuilt telephoto, macro mode enhanced by flip diopters etc which are essential at the incredibly diverse dive sites I dive most days of the week (shooting nudis to smooth rays and everything in between on a single dive), I LOATHE choosing a lens pre-dive and want to go screaming back to compact. Ultimately in the all the trade-offs from trading up to the DSLR, I definitely feel I have lost more than I have gained. When the DSLR housing was recently away for servicing for 3 months, people who didn't know I'd gone back to the G12 kept telling me how much better my photos were now that I owned a DSLR (even though it wasn't responsible for the photos I was sharing online). Online and even in magazines, most people honestly can't pick the quality difference. I have listed my 7D rig for sale twice this week and removed it both times due to feeling so conflicted - the Canon world just feels so comfortable and honestly the housing is an absolute (albeit painfully bulky) dream to drive (today the doctor confirmed that I have pulled a tendon in my camera carrying hand that will likely take 'at least a year' to heal). In part I am clinging onto the 7D because I can't find a large sensor compact rig I would be happy to exchange it for. I LOVE the specs on the Canon G7X EXCEPT that the battery life is reportedly dodgy which is my absolute top criteria in a camera (my dives are typically 2-4 hrs each, and I typically run out of camera battery before I run out of my 12 litres of air ...). My second quality of life criteria is 'shoot everything and anything that comes my way' which demands a level of versatility that only a G12 can apparently deliver. I was almost ready to buy a Sony RX100 Mark IV (better battery life than Mark V) but the colours on the Sony leave me craving Canon (for all the hype, I'm unable to find any uw images online that I love shot with this camera) and other things I've read in reviews have left me 2nd guessing whether it would be a good fit for me. Honestly, give me a bigger sensor on my G12 and a good quality new or second hand housing for it with an 0-ring thicker than the pathetic elastic hair tie equivalent in the housing I already have and I would be happy for the rest of my life ... or someway to double the battery life on the G7X ... So no matter what I do there's an epic trade-off. And even though I've literally stretch a tendon in my hand due to the weight of the 7D, I've been stuck trying to make this decision and getting dizzy from the endless 360s on To Sell or Not to Sell; To Buy or Not To Buy .... You may not be able to offer any new perspectives I haven't already thrashed through with my rapidly tiring sounding boards, but I'll take a shot and put it out there (just please don't tell me to 'man up' - I will never be a man and have no desire to ever become one ...) Has anyone here got any suggestions or advice for me? How did you navigate your transition from compact to DSLR and possibly back again or in reverse? What would you do if you were me? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might like to throw into the mix ....
  16. My YSD2 did the usual blinking lights deal and went overseas for 3 months for repair. Was working great until this week when it now ONLY fires at full strength. Dialling the power down does nothing. Do I need to banish it to another country again for repairs or is this something I can fix easily? Frustrated by seemingly endless reliability issues ... please help! I should add, I've swapped out the batteries and fibre optic cable to no effect. And I'm having the same issue across 2 different cameras and housings.
  17. Hi, I'm PT Hirschfield from Pink Tank Scuba (FB, Instagram, YouTube and www.pinktankscuba.com) I take marine life portraits, marine animal behaviour videos and write a monthly column for Dive Log Australasia. I dive most days of the week and a dive can be anything from 2-4 hours long - generally my camera battery runs out before my air does. I have OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Diving.
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