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  1. Thanks Karen, whitout a doubt your picture is the same specie. In my search on internet so far I only found a few other pictures that look similar, work for specialists to put a name on the little felow ... One of the other images I found : https://www.flickr.com/photos/luko/22418911234
  2. Can anybody please help on ID this little fellow, I call him duckface shrimp Location : Maumere - Indonesia size : +/- 1,5 cm
  3. Have sended an email to R. Kuiter and he confirms that it is indeed Hippocampus alatus " The seahorse is Hippocampus alatus. It typically has the small dark spots in the pale areas and was named for the bony protrusions on the back. In your image these are covered with red-algae... " He incluided a pdf file with images from the latest version of his seahorse book ( the one I have is the old edition from 2000, in wich the wing-spined seahorse still is named Hippocampus sp.3 and the area limited to Australia and Papua, hence the confusion ) Thanks everyone for helping. GreetZzz... Patrick
  4. Still saving money for the X-ray camera and a lead diving suit. They both look very similar on the pictures in the books, only the area they live in is far away from Sabang in the Philippines. Hippocampus alatus : north Australia & south Papua New Guinea The Hippocampus moluccensis : Ambon, Sulawesi and Mollucan sea (... witch is a bit closer to the Philippines )
  5. Maybe this can help, the same seahorse from the other side :
  6. Can somebody help with the identification of this "hairy" seahorse ? Picture is taken a few days ago in Sabang/Philippines, it got a bit of both, estuary and thorny seahorse, but then with a lot of "hairy" algea on the head ... Size is around 6 to 7 cm, found on a sandy bodem at 17m dept Thx, Patrick
  7. On our latest trip to Sulawesi/Indonesia we found this little guy swimming and hiding between stinging hydroids. Size is about 1cm /0.5inch, probably somekind of juvenile. If somebody have an idea whatkind of specie this is, than please let me know. GreetZzz... Patrick
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