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  1. Hi Tim Thank you for your msg. You just saved me a lot of time of trying to. have a nice day Stefan
  2. Just for info to those of you who might have looked at this. it is sold, and i will delete the add soon
  3. Hi, i am selling my GH5 package, as in the picture, the lense is the Lumix G Vario 12-60 all is in perfect condition. it is in with me in Denmark where i live. Price : 900 euro
  4. Hi String how about 2 pcs of the v6pro? that way you have the same light and lifetime on both sides of you.
  5. Hey all Would it not be possible to just reduce the angle on the V6K pro by mounting an external lens? I have 2 of them and also find the angle to much.
  6. Hi Will Thx for you comments, lets hope Nauticam soon will make a good solution. Hi Lionfi2s Thx Lionfi2s, have to admit i asked them back in March 2018, if i remember correct. And i guess they just did not have thought about it at that time?? And i read their mail like they never would make it :-)
  7. Hi Will It is a good question, for me i am looking for a solution for the Atomos Ninja V. Nauticam has written to me that they did not plan to make a housing to the Ninja V, so i am looking for the housing as well. What experience do you have with the hdmi cables from Nauticam? my last body tried 3 cables on a week and all cables made his Atomos show a black screen as soon as we got under water and the cable was moved a bit. No leakage detected though.
  8. Hi, where in the us is the lens today?
  9. Thank you for your quick answer. Would you sell and send only the lens to me here in Denmark? If so for what price?
  10. Good morning Interceptor121 Can i ask how come you do not use this anymore? What lenses do you mostly use? I was about to buy a new ome and the gear, but i am stil in doubt and reading as much as i can to find out what lens would be most suitable for me, with the wwl-1 Best regards Stefan
  11. Thank you both of you, for your answers they are very helpfull to me. The gh5 looks more and more positive.
  12. Hi Richard Did you use the 14-42mm and the wwl-1 for that picture? Best regards Stefan
  13. Good video, it was good to see the potential of the LX7 in real life. I understand your confusion, i have not been very clear. I am out looking to find out what i should buy. I need minimum 60 fps and 2.7K in video (4K is ofcourse also very good) 10 bit is prefered. But I also would like to print bigger pictures, jus as you mentioned. I saw a picture once taken by a Canon 1dx M2 in ambient light and i loved it, but that camera i way out of my pocket. So gh5 seemed to be a good alternativ. I am just a bit concerned about its performance in ambient light around 25 meter. I have also thought about waiting for a possible gh8 or something like that and then maybe buy a temperary camera until then. Aahh just updated and saw your two answers :-)
  14. I was affraid that you would say that. I haven’t seen such videos, do you have a link to one i can see?
  15. Hi all. Now that everybody has had a good chance to get some experience with the gh5 i would like to hear if any of you have had to admit that the micro 4/3 sensor is just a bit too small to capture great photos with ambient light below 20 meters?
  16. Nice, thx for the link, i did not notice a new Ninja version had been released
  17. It would also be good if Blackmagic Design would update their HyperDeck Shuttle, that could also solve the problem, right?
  18. Hi all Anyone know if a HDMI recorder for 4K 60fps exists in a small and cheap packages? No monitor is required. The Atomos shugon records well, but is very expensive and so are the housings. It must be possible to get just a recorder, no monitor, fair battery life, low price, that will record as soon as it get a record signal from maybe the GH5 or other cameras. I imaging there would be a lot of us that would like to find such one. Any ideas?
  19. Hi Is access to the screens buttons neccesary once your under water? Would a closed box not be enough?
  20. That is a very good point. I just read about the canon DX1 mark II It fits the needs regarding video, but it would double my budget. As a private person with a hobby, that would be way too much. I guess i will wait.
  21. Hi Are you happy with your setup? Does it work as expectet? Have found a few things youwould like to have been different?
  22. Hi Are you sure about the ikelite housing no.? It gives me a completely different housing.
  23. Thanks for all your inputs. I think i need to buy a cheaper maybe used rig until the right camera is on the marked. As mentioned in the beginning i am new here. Is there a rule about liking the best answer or similar?
  24. I had hoped that a7r iii or a7iii had 4K 60fps. Were do you see the 4K 60fps? I would like it to be in a camera that takes very good pictures as well when diving. Therefore i mostly looked for fullframe cameras
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