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  1. 5CEABD5A-F130-4A17-B180-B981F7474662.jpeg.0cc91dcc1458a966beff0d860ae968f1.jpeg

    Hi, i am selling my GH5 package, as in the picture, the lense is the Lumix G Vario 12-60

    all is in perfect condition.

    it is in with me in Denmark where i live.


    Price : 900 euro

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  2. Hi Will


    It is a good question, for me i am looking for a solution for the Atomos Ninja V.

    Nauticam has written to me that they did not plan to make a housing to the Ninja V, so i am looking for the housing as well.


    What experience do you have with the hdmi cables from Nauticam?

    my last body tried 3 cables on a week and all cables made his Atomos show a black screen as soon as we got under water and the cable was moved a bit. No leakage detected though.

  3. Good video, it was good to see the potential of the LX7 in real life.


    I understand your confusion, i have not been very clear.

    I am out looking to find out what i should buy.

    I need minimum 60 fps and 2.7K in video (4K is ofcourse also very good) 10 bit is prefered.

    But I also would like to print bigger pictures, jus as you mentioned.

    I saw a picture once taken by a Canon 1dx M2 in ambient light and i loved it, but that camera i way out of my pocket.

    So gh5 seemed to be a good alternativ.

    I am just a bit concerned about its performance in ambient light around 25 meter.


    I have also thought about waiting for a possible gh8 or something like that and then maybe buy a temperary camera until then.

    Aahh just updated and saw your two answers :-)

  4. Hi all


    Anyone know if a HDMI recorder for 4K 60fps exists in a small and cheap packages?

    No monitor is required.

    The Atomos shugon records well, but is very expensive and so are the housings.

    It must be possible to get just a recorder, no monitor, fair battery life, low price, that will record as soon as it get a record signal from maybe the GH5 or other cameras.

    I imaging there would be a lot of us that would like to find such one.


    Any ideas?

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