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  1. Hi Richard, thetrickster Thank you for your input. It could explain a lot. I do how ever still not see why the smaller format 2.7K in 60fps could threaten the FS5 and FS7 lines. Is there any mechanical limitations or maybe 2.7K is patended? I know now i sound desperate.
  2. Hi all I am new here, and still looking to buy the right equipment for me. I am used to record video in 2.7K and 60fps. This is to me the smallest format that still looks very good on a 4K TV. But it is a must for me to record with 60fps, i get frustrated by the vibrations when looking at video recorded in 30fps and the camera is turning to follow an animal or just giving a panoramic view of the divesite. Sony has for long used 4K with 30fps at 100mbit and yes they have had a lot of heating problems, but on their new mirrorless cameras it should no longer be a problem. Now that it works it should not be a challenge for them or most other brands to set the software up for 2.7K with 60fps, the power usage should be about the same. Does anyone know why they do not include this format at all? Not even in 30fps. Is it possible to inform Sony and the other brands that it would be a good investment as it would make their existing cameras able to record 60fps just with a firmware update? I hope you will join the debate and maybe send a msg to Sony, Canon and so on.
  3. Hi all! My name is Stefan, and i am from Denmark. I am a beginner at photography and videography. I am looking for the right equipment to replace my existing. And i dont understand why all brands focus on 4K video when 2.7K look very good on a 4K TV. The price is the frame rate 30fps is too slow, with 2.7K it should be possible with rodays equipment to record with 60fps Well i will look for answers other places in this forum Dive safe. Stefan
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