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  1. Hi, after using my Olympus 4040 and external strobes for a couple of years now, I am thinking of switching to DSLR. I do not want to spend a lot of money for buying the wrong stuff....so, do you have any tips? Until now, I have neither a camera, nor housing and just a small Sea&Sea strobe. Does TTL work on DSLR until now? Which cameras and housing combinations can you suggest (in the EOS 300D, D70, D100 range...)? Do you have links for rookies? Thanks, Bernd.
  2. Thanks for your help. I tried the action on a couple of my photos: it works good with shots not too deep or with flash and the result is very similar to the auto-level-command of PS. But I think its not perfect for "blue in blue"-pictures as the shark above: it looks very strange for me as the whole picture turns violett. How would you manually adjust the picture?
  3. Hello, we spent our honeymoon on the Maldives, and did some stunning dives there. One of the highlights were 6-8 Grey Reef and lots of Whitetipreefsharks at Finger Point. I took many pictures of them, unfortunately without flash. How would you process these images in PS? How do I get a nice and realistic blue background? Thanks for your help, Bernd. Olympus C4040 in PT-10, no flash, no lenses
  4. Hello, I just noticed some bad scratches on the front lens of my WA Inon UWL-100. Any ideas how I can get rid of them? Can I polish or let it polish somewere (in Germany)? Thanks for your help, Bernd.
  5. better image size
  6. WA not wide enough... Leopard Shark similan Islands -------------- C4040 in PT010 with Inon UWL-100 Flash:YS-50
  7. Hello, I just returned from a trip to Thailand and tested the Inon UWL100 with the Pt10 and C4040. No black corners, so it really seems to be a problem on land only. Thanks, Bernd.
  8. Hello, I just received my Inon UWL 100 and screwed it on my PT010. In the display of the camera I can see 3 black edges. The manual proposes to soom out a bit, but isn't that contraproductive? Any other tips? Thanks, Bernd.
  9. Thanks for your help. I just ordered the usual UWL-100. Bernd.
  10. Hello, does anybody know, if there will be the lens adapter for the INON UWL 105 for the PT010 housing? If yes, when will it be available in Europe or US? Thanks, Bernd.
  11. Hello, has anybody tried this slave sensor yet? slave sensor Any comments on this? Thanks, Bernd.
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