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  1. @ Jonny It's not that rosy... it's a custom made housing and I don't have on/off switch so to to turn it off I need to open the housing. I don't need to tell you how many times I jumped to the water with the camera turned off @ Bent You can spot the difference looking at reds and subtle blue gradation. But this is visible on a stopped frame. Hard to tell the difference while playing. On the other hand you can do much intensive color correction with the nano files. @ Shawn Thank you Hope to see you one day...
  2. @Nick I use Sony x0.8 wideangle converter and a glass domeport: www.flickr.com/photos/47983813@N04/4399221384/ It's not that wide as SWP44 but wide enough and much cheaper. For macro I use +2 +3 diopters set fro Raynox. With full zoom on camera the edges got soft due to the sphere shape of the domeport. I cant change it for flat one, it's fixed. @Jonny I use SWIT battery and it lasts for c 3 hours (both camera and nano are powered from the same battery).
  3. Thank you EX1 with nano is an excellent setup I wish EX1 was 60p for slowmo...
  4. Hi Dean, Most of the shots were taken with EX1 and nano.
  5. Thank all of you for so many nice words. Galapagos is truly a nature's miracle and I hope we'll be able to save it for next generations. As for the clip... I guess I was pretty lucky with the whale sharks. Then all you have to do is keep the camera stable
  6. Galapagos is truly an amazing place... [vimeohd]17051816[/vimeohd] Enjoy
  7. Drew, you're right I used both lights and white balance so the Sea Whip shot is a bit unnatural. Made the clip on laptop on my way back home. Thanks for advice I'll correct the magenta cast in the final document. The vignetting is a problem once I use the EX1 lens with diopters up to c 40mm. That shot was probably at 38mm and I missed the vignetting in the viewfinder having my monitor down on that dive. It's a custom made setup and sometimes it's not that easy to work with. Wagsy, I feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity to travel a lot.
  8. Thank you Nick. I've got custom made tripod. Simply 3 flash arms attached to the bottom of my housing.
  9. Thank you Wagsy, I did use twice slow motion and smoothcam. Most of the shots in Lembeh were shot with tripod. Simon, I have custom made housing with dome port so once using diopter and full zoom on EX1 I'm getting the soft edges. I use +5 diopter set from Raynox. The problem is the dome port. I should use flat one but it's fixed and I can't change it.
  10. Just short clip from my last trip to North Sulawesi. Shot with Sony EX1 and nanoFlash.
  11. Thank you, I'm glad you like it. Socorro is definitely worth visiting.
  12. Drew, thank you You're right crap movie but Howard did his job.
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