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    A lot of things... being submerged, cats, eternally curious, how to continue to improve my skills :D

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    Nikon D7200
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    Nauticam Na-7200
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    Sea&Sea YS-D2; Light and Motion lamp
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    Light and motion Focus light, Nauticam arms, Inon floats
  1. I am looking for two (2) Nauticam or Nauticam compatible port extensions with lock , Nauticam catalogue number 21120. Anyone out there with one, or two to offload? Please? Cheers K
  2. I too like the idea however.... can it be displayed in such a way that newbies understand the "post x-times" before you can respond to Classifieds? I have too have lurked these pages for a number of years, before joining - and even that was a hurdle!- and only came across this post by accident today when I was browsing.... I had been wondering why I could not respond to posts in the classified section! All's good Why did my post, above, get put in as a guest post??? My wetpixel ID is Kat86
  3. Hi, my name is Kate... my happy place is underwater. I live in Sydney, Australia, have been diving for five years. Fortunately, there is a lot of wonderful diving in Sydney however, I do love to travel to the warmer waters above Australia, Sulawesi and Raja Ampat having been highlights so far. I have been shooting underwater for about 4 years starting out with a borrowed rig, then buying a second hand Canon G12 in a Patima housing, ( which I still have but don't use because the housing is too heavy for me) then on to a Nikon D7200 and Nauticam rig.... and thought that I had what I needed... I would love a mirrorless... I too have had the misfortune of a failing Sea and Sea Y2D2, out of warranty, of course. I still suffer gear envy/lust and am confident that one day I will win the lottery and be able to do all the travel and photography I want! I have 'expensive' friends who continually 'suggest' me other things to add to my set-up, I am currently looking for 20mm and 40mm extension rings with a lock so to tweak my existing rig. I enjoy browsing these pages and am so happy to have found the reason as to why I have been unable to post anything!
  4. May I respectfully suggest a heavier pair of fins? I was struggling with the same problem, dreading the time that I would have to don a drysuit... I even resorted to ankle weights ( to little avail), then, last year I bought a pair of the Mares 'Power Plana' - a heavier fin, and suddenly I enjoyed dry suit diving!
  5. Yes, there is a new Inon strobe coming, a 300 something or other. Not available in Australia yet, I was asking as one of my Sea and Seas is playing up...
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