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  1. Full frame pro body Nikon 810 kit ready to use $5,750

    Selling as a COMPLETE KIT to someone who is interested in trying out a full frame system. 

    Nikon d810 Body *its been used so the outside body isn't without blemish but is in good repair and has had the shutter mechanism replaced by Kurts Camera Repair in San Diego a Certified Nikon repair center. 

    Nauticam d810 housing its also been used it has some blemishes and could stand to have a full service at some point from a Nauticam dealer like backscatter BUT works amazing none the less its been a solid housing super ergonomic to use. 

    Nauticam 180 degree magnifying eye piece 

    10.5in Acrylic Dome port 

    16mm Fish eye that has part of its hood shaved off but is still fully functional this I am including for FREE because of that little funky bit. 

    Assorted odds and ends: 

    1.  battery grip for surface photography that has an additional insert for rechargeable batteries
    2. 4 batteries 
    3. O-rings, lubricant, connectors for different types of flash
    4. Vacuum pump system 
    5. 2 32G CF Cards 
    6. 1 32G SD card

    SHIPPING ONLY IN THE USA and is included in the price of purchase.

    $5,750 Paypal FF or Vinmo 


    IMG_9647.HEIC IMG_9648.HEIC IMG_9650.HEIC IMG_9651.HEIC IMG_9652.HEIC IMG_9653.HEIC IMG_9654.HEIC IMG_9655.HEIC IMG_9657.HEIC IMG_9659.HEIC IMG_9661.HEIC IMG_9662.HEIC

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