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  1. I think it is not worth buying a new camera plus UW housing just because of image stabilisation (nice to have, but not really limiting).

    => If in your case I would go for a second hand housing for GX7 (if you do not have housing yet) and upgrade later to a new camera plus housing, but with 20 Mpix sensor (and of course IS)...




    It's not the GX7, it's G7. Since the older brother of G7 is G85, I do I have the money to upgrade. But I'd like to know if IBIS really helps stabilizing video while diving. OR does a rig already do that well enough that I don't need IBIS?

  2. Hello! Like the title states, is it worth spending the money to upgrade from a G7 to G85? How effective is IBIS stabilization underwater? Even with a double handed rig?


    Purpose of this camera is for marine conservation purposes - on land and in water - interviews, day-to-day, marine life, volunteer work, etc. So that rules out the GX85, because of no mic input. So next contender is the G85. I already have the lenses for m4/3, so I want to just change bodies.

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