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  1. motivated seller, make an offer. Moving soon from St Augustine FL back to Texas and i wont have any use for it over there.
  2. I think this is where im at most of the time! im a gear junkie!
  3. I got into under water photography recently and realized i need to switch up my gear for the type of shooting and travel that I do. This setup has seen saltwater twice and freshwater twice and has been cleaned well after every use. It has lived in the pelican case for its entire life that it hasn't been in use. Ikelite 6D Housing 6871.06 8" Dome Port w/ 2.75" Lens Extension DS160 Strobe Kit w/ sync cord, Nihm Battery and Ball Arm Pelican 1610 Case Various accessories Additional pictures available upon request. Asking $2200 USD for the setup I will cover shipping within the US. Outside the US shipping will be discussed. Currently located in St Augustine, Florida if there is any interest in meeting. Thanks,
  4. I know, it seems like every time i start looking at bodies the size is never an issue, but when i start looking into the housings the size starts to skyrocket. I will look into your recommendations, thank you! I have used a few Sony APS-c and FF cameras that i really like, they are on the list of options as well. Very impressed on the full setup in a backpack size package! My main body i shoot regular with is a 5d mkiv i also have a 7d mkii and i love those bodies but id be back in the same predicament with my 6d ikelite rig which i have to lug around in a large pelican case. thanks for directing me to your picture though, that looks like the size i am trying to hunt down. so many options though make this difficult!
  5. my budget is fairly open, i also have been leaning towards the micro 4/3 format so its nice to hear a recommendation coming from that end of the spectrum. I will start doing some research on the Olympus line and see if anything strikes my interest. thanks for the input!
  6. Hello, I am very new to underwater photography and drove straight in last year. After ive had some use with my 6d w/ikelite housing and 8" dome i have realized that it isnt practical for my use and am looking to downsize. at this point im not sure where to start. Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent travel setup. Most of my shooting is watersports centered (fishing) and will do some nature and fish photography as well. thanks for the help -Robert
  7. Hello, joined wetpixel to downsize my gear for easier travel and learn more about UW photography.
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