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  1. For Sale $1200 + posting from Korea Micro 4/3rds Package Two GH2 Camera Bodies Panasonic 14 mm f/2.5 lens Panasonic Wide Angle conversion lens DMW-GWC1 Panasonic Fisheye conversion lens DMW-GFC1 Nauticam Housing for GH2 Nauticam 3.5" Dome port Extension ring for dome port (this allows attachment of conversion lens) Nauticam Tray + some other bits & bobs All items approx. 5 yrs old in good condition. Housing has approx. 250 dives. I now have a GH4 set up therefore all this stuff is sitting on my self not being used. Can send photos for anyone interested Can add Inon D2000 strobe for another $300 Can add Light & Motion Sola 600 for another $200
  2. I am also planning a similar trip this year in July. 4-5 days in Isla Mujeres (3 days swim with WS) 4-5 days in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen (3 days diving Cenotes) Few days topside travel This is a big trip for me , travelling from Oz. I have a few questions. 1. Is it worth travelling to Cuba/Havana for 2 -3 days (UK passport). Would i be able to arrange travel package to Havana from a travel agent in cancun for this trip. 2. What is best place to stay for 3 days diving Cenotes (Cancun or PDC?) 3.For topside attractions is it better being based in Cancun or PDC , e.g for day trip to Chichen Itza ​4. Any hotel recommendations for PDC/Cancun or IM?
  3. Definitely recommend Fakarava/Rangiroa. I am just back from a 2 week trip and it was the best land base diving i have done. So many sharks, i saw a Tiger shark, great hammerhead, several silver tips, marlin, manta and hundreds and hundreds of reef sharks. Palau is good and offers more variety. i.e caverns, wrecks , jellyfish lake, mantas , but its not as sharky. However topside is beautiful and has interesting war history. However Palau is very busy these days. Seems like the Chinese are starting to visit and a lot of the hotels were book solid when i tried to visit this year. Maldives was ok. I did not see many sharks , rays but its a nice place. Komodo is amazing for macro and general fishlife/reefs, however not sharky. Fakarava is very nice topside,S Pacific paradise.
  4. Great photos. Hoping you post a trip report. How long does it take to get to tiger beach from the land based option. I have done a shearwater trip in the past but would really like to do another trip, especially land based.
  5. Yes the conversion lens is the DMW-GFC1. I am by no means an expert but this combo is ok for semi-wide. I would guess its more than 84 degrees FOV when using the 3.5" dome port underwater. I would guess its at least 120 degrees. I bought the 14-42X lens a long time ago , hoping that i would be able to use the zoom function. However looks like there is now a Nauticam gear for this function.. (Sorry for discussing WA in a macro discussion. Just wanted to highlight this lens can be used at both ends!)
  6. I actually use the The Panasonic 14-42mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 X lens for wide angle. Panasonic have 2 conversion lens( a wide angle conversion lens & fisheye conversion lens) that attach to the 14-42 x lens or the 14mm pancake lens. The Nauticam 3.5" port needs the 30mm extension ring to fit the 14-42mm X lens+ conversion lens. This was a cheaper option for me compared to buying the 7-14mm lens + new dome port. The 14-42mm X lens with conversion lens is ok on the GH2. Good FL for sharks. The 14-42X+ conversion lens is much better than the 14mm pancake lens+conversion lens I have never used the the 14-42x for macro.There is also a macro conversion lens for the 14-42x but i have not tried this combo. For macro i use 45mm and sometimes the 25mm for general fishlife shooting.
  7. I am thinking about buying a new GH4. I currently use an "unhacked" GH2. My biggest gripe with the GH2 is banding, especially using the 8mm fisheye. Using the fisheye i often find it difficult avoiding large light blue, white areas at the top of the frame in sunny conditions. I assume this is due to dynamic range. How big an improvement does the GH4 have on the GH2 for sunbursts/shooting in sunny/shallow conditions.
  8. Great production. Excellent narration. Makes me want to book a trip.
  9. The trip you are going on , the boat has 4 crew. They hand out envelopes at the end of the trip. Service was not as good as other live-aboards i have been on in Asia, but they deliver an amazing experience underwater! I recently spent 5 months working in the states, so i got used to the tip concept. I tipped around 12%.
  10. Really great video. Amazing colours. Great iguana shot, you were so lucky to see orca! Looks like an amazing 5 days!
  11. Great photos. Really like the boat over the reef shot. Are the aerial shots using the DJII Phantom Quadcopter? with the FPV camera I would be really interested in finding out more, how good the camera is for stills & video & if its easy to fly. I am very tempted to get one before my next trip.
  12. To get the most from the video i assume an Atomos Ninja will be required, to record 10 bit 4:2:2. Looks like this will be an expensive upgrade
  13. The lock button should have no impact, just make sure it is not depressed before you put in housing so you can then rotate mode dial while in housing. Looking good for stills 1/250 flash sync,better dynamic range, faster focus,focus peaking. Looking great for video. Hopefully as the body is very similar Nauticam can quickly develop a new housing with the vacuum leak detector. I will be upgrading from my GH2.
  14. Dimensions GH3 133 x 93 x 82 mm (5.24 x 3.66 x 3.23″) GH4 133 x 93 x 84 mm (5.24 x 3.66 x 3.31″) Could be some very happy people out there!
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