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  1. Yes exactly what I was planing in this weekend. I will do that. Camera flash should be set up auto right ? Not manual ?
  2. Thank you for all suggestions and responses. Next time I will try all recommended settings. First I will try manual mode on the strobe then STTL mode and I will be close to the subject as possible. Thanks to all !!!
  3. Thanks a lot for your response. I appreciated. I do not have any lightening problem while shooting macro. Macro results are nice. I think problem is with TTL mode. It isn't working well with canon compact cameras. (my camera is g7x mark ii) Also someone said I should install magnet switch in the strobe and use the strobe on manual mode. I'll give a try next time only manual mode. I'm really beginner at uw photography and I should do more practice.
  4. Tursiops, Yes magnet was removed. I wasn't know that canon g7x mark ii no preflash.
  5. Hello everyone, Could you please let me know why my uw photos are really awful ? I have been using canon g7x mark ii and inon s2000 strobe. I've dived today and took some photos with canon g7x mark II manual mode 1/100 - ISO 120 - f8 and the strobe setup was STTL, B My photos look like not enough lightening ? Where is my fault ? What settings are wrong ? Could someone please help me ? [ qH] Thanks in advance.
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