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  1. Testing it yesterday I am leaning towards it being a strobe firing issue, if a misfire does indeed cause the processing to not perform properly. I only had one black screen underwater with almost all settings the same as what I was using before except for changing the manual power to 1/32 and cleaning/reinstalling the cable ends to the housing and strobe. Will keep trying a few adjustments to make sure that is what is really happening. I also have a new cable I'm picking up soon so I may try it with that and see if that improves reliability. Thank you!
  2. Oh and sorry, the file settings are exactly the same between the files that work and those that don't (shutter speed included). I tried comparing the EXIF data and didn't see anything that jumped out as an obvious difference.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. This still doesn't explain why it works intermittently (so yes, it is random, coming before/after shots that have exposed properly). If it was a settings issue wouldn't it not expose properly every time? When it doesn't produce a dark frame, the exposure is fine. This is my setting for macro only where we want dark backgrounds. I only have one strobe so it's not a slave issue, but I suppose it could be a cable issue, I looked at it but it appears fine. I will try moving it around and see if I can see that affecting the performance.
  4. The flash settings shouldn't prevent any exposure from happening at all though, correct? And if it was a flash setting, why would it happen intermittently and not every shot? I have one video light (constant light on) and a strobe so even if the strobe didn't fire or didn't fire properly, the camera should still expose the shot based on available light, correct? But here are the answers to your questions: Manual 1/64 on camera, manual mode on YSD2 strobe EV -1.0; F18 at full zoom; ISO 100 I am not changing anything between the shots that work and those that don't. I believe the strobe is still firing, just the file isn't recording properly.
  5. I have this same issue with my TG6 and it seems like it's a shutter failure or something that is preventing light from getting to the sensor since there is available light to use if shutter was working properly. It happens intermittently so I can't connect any pattern. I'm also using aperture priority with macro focus, ISO set to 100. On today's dive it did it a lot, way more than ever so I'm concerned it's just going to keep getting worse. If there is something on the EXIF data I can look at that will indicate if something is going on file wise please let me know. Otherwise I think it's a hardware issue.
  6. I have been looking for a mod for the mode button which is really hard to operate with gloves. Are you planning on making any more? Would love to buy one since I don't have access to a 3D printer. Thanks! Amy
  7. Any chance this is still available?
  8. Was the demo one em5 or the em5 mark II? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. AForns, Can you please tell me what factors led you to choose the Nauticam housing over the Olympus for the TG5? I also have an EM5II that will have a nauticam housing so is there any advantage to keeping both the same? Are there any wet mount lenses that I might use on the EM5II rig that I could also use with the TG5 or is that really not something worth considering. It sounds like many people that have a larger Oly set up enjoy the TG5 as a more travel friendly option so I would love to hear feedback on what advantages there are to choosing one housing/port/etc. over another.
  10. I wish this was em5II! I have had trouble finding used for that model. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. Probably a little of both video and pics. I was thinking of adding the Kraken KRL-2 52mm Wide Wet Lens dome. This is one of the questions I have is whether the Kraken is best option or if people have used other similar models and prefer them for some reason. Amy
  12. Hi All, Looking at getting a TG-5 set up for my husband and I would love recommendations on housings and any additional lens ports that you find really worth the extra money. I've been working on setting up my Oly EM5 II (so I'm not as familiar with the TG5 options) and plan to get a nauticam housing for my camera, in case that makes a difference in what you would recommend for the TG5. Also, we might start him off on a video light instead of strobe but if you have strong feelings on a strobe that is really worth having over continuous light please advise. Thanks! Amy
  13. Is the Z330 on backorder everywhere right now or does anyone know of a place that has stock available for purchase now? Amy
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