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  1. Just let me know. Its the only thing I have left on this build other than waiting on some arms to ship. Thanks Tom
  2. I have an Aquatica housing for a Nikon D7000 and have Ikelite D125's. My single strobe cord from my Ikelite housing for my D200 worked with the strobes so I think I have the Ikelite connection on my Aquatica housing. I would like a Dual cord or an optical trigger that would fire off of my other strobe. Thanks Tom Hundley
  3. I will take it. Let me know where to send a check or Cashiers check if that works for you. The single cord on my old housing worked on the aquatica housing. I think only as manual but thats fine. Tom Hundley tomhauburn@gmail.com
  4. I am going to check and see if the two connections look the same. As I understand it the aquatica is a manual and not TTL connection but if it works I would not care
  5. Would it fit an Aquatic Housing with an Ikelite to Nikon connection? I have a single Ikelite cord to a D200 Ikelite housing but I bought a Aquatica housing for a D7000. Looking for the cord to connect two D125s
  6. Ya...I paid a 1000 for a housing, big flat port and camera body. Camera is not working on video and I suspect it will cost more to get it worked on than to buy another. Have you ever known anyone to use a Sigma 70 macro? Someone is offering a new one at a really good deal. Same person offering the vacuum system with electronics at low price. My leak detector seems to be working fine
  7. Anyone used them and how do they compare to other companies products. Considering all options for a Used Aquatica housing Thanks Tom
  8. Anyone used one of these lens on a cropped camera with success?
  9. Thanks Sting Ray Looking for the extension ring now
  10. I really just need the port extension ring Aquatica 48456 right now. Any other places to look for a used one? The camera is setup for the Ikelite bulkheads but the parts to make them work on the arms were removed by the previous owner when he switched housing, It came with a long macro flat port but not sure if its the one for the 105. Are there marking that id it on the ports? Triggerfish thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions. The fellow I got the used 8 inch dome, shade and cover from suggested Alex Mustards book which I have found to be usefull. Tom Hundley
  11. Interested in the second one. Price to Lake City FL
  12. I am looking for a used port to attach to an 8 inch dome I am getting for an Aquatica housing for a D7000. I am using a Tokina 10-17 lens. I also need to get the adapter to use with Ikelite arms with D160 strobes. Not sure on that part yet. I bought the housing used and it came with a large port that a movie and tv production photographer used for his lens on set as a sound muffle. My question is do I need a port for it if if I end up buying a 105 Nikon macro lens or will the same port I am trying to get work with it? Other questions I have is it has a moisture alarm installed but no vacuum system. Is it worth putting one on and do I have to change the electronics if I do. Do after market ones work for the housing? Some have suggested sending the housing back to aquatica for an overhaul. According the previous own he only used it underwater 5 or six times and switch camera several years ago and its been setting in his office. I have heard horror stories about going back and forth to Canada. so is it best to send it back to the factory or is there someone state side that can do this work? And I was wondering how much it runs? The previous user used it in fresh water as he is a cave diver like me. Thanks Tom Hundley
  13. I wonder if this would work on the stock sensor in a Aquatica Nikon D7000 body? It has a sensor installed but not sure if it works with vacuum?
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