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  1. Selling my full IKELITE D200 SYSTEM. I live in the Houston Area, I prefer meeting in person, and local pickup (for now)... Here is what I have for sale as a Kit/System. D200 iTTL Housing 2x iTTL Software Upgraded DS125 Dual TTL Cord 2x Ikelite Arms Set 8 inch Dome Port + 12-24mm and 10.5mm Extensions 60mm Macro Port 18-70mm (or 17-35mm) 6 inchDome Port 1xLarge Pelican for Housing and ports/domes 1xMedium Pelican for Strobes/arms 1x Nikkor/Nikon 60mm Lens $3500 for all FIRM. LOCAL SALE ONLY PLEASE. Please Pm me your name and contact number if interested so we can talk in person, thanks.
  2. i wouldnt touch a bear if it sat next to me.
  3. there have been interesting discussions in nikonians about d200 vs d80, how d80 pictures "pop" more than d200's. the discussions center around how the d80 (like the d50) was designed/calibrated for point and shooters;ie the pictures "pop" straight from the camera and how the d200 was calibrated for professionals who do lots of post processing, so the d200 pics were more "subdued" all this reminds me of the d70 vs d50 discussions.
  4. I saw this on the Nikonians front page...someone actually beat Ike??? Nikonian Article Sea and Sea Press Release DX-D80
  5. i am not surprised, the dimensions were close enough...good luck and post some pics!
  6. Tom, So we just send our "old" 8 domes to Ikelite? Just like a repair?
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