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  1. For Sale, Complete kit. Haven't dove in a few years and am not going to be using all this equipment anymore. Aquatica 30D Housing 30D Camera Body 2 DS125 Strobes with sync cords Dome Port Flat Port Arms and Clamps and other small accessories Looking for 1500.00 or make and offer plus shipping to US. Chris
  2. I have (2) Ikelite DS125 Strobes for sale. 900.00 takes them both. I have only used them on four different trips.
  3. Thanks everybody for your help and suggestions, I have decided to use this "opportunity" to upgrade my set up. and move to another manufactuer for a Housing.
  4. Everybody has come up with some intresting fixes, but unfortunaltley I have tried most of them already, The camera lock, with even a full charge, When I tested, the Strobe had just come off of the charger and Ike, had just installed a brand new battery in the unit. On our last trip, it was definately a random occurance, I actually remember it locking 5 min into the first dive of the day.....on two diffrent days, after the strobe and the camera battery sitting on the charger the night before. Oh, and to answer your first question, It did still lock with the strobe turned off.
  5. Thanks Dave, but I have actually gotten int the same habit with that lever, one of the first times I assembled it, I notice that could be a potential problem, and have kept an eye on it ever since. Chris
  6. No, I do not, We were actually just talking about this subject today, trying to narrow down the issue, I do not need to purchase one right now, but am going to look for an alternative to try and test it out, if I dont upgrade before..
  7. Actually this happens with both lenses I shoot underwater. Both the 60MM Macro and the 18-55 Kit lens. I have cleaned all conections multiple times and still get the error. The problem is definaley from the hotshoe connection of the housing and through the TTL circuitry of the housing, the reason I believe this is as I stated above, I get the error in the housing, I them remove the camera, with the same lens i shoot many pictures, with out an issue, I then replace it back in the housing, and shoot a handfull of shots, and it jups dorectly back into Error mode. There is some kond of communication problem from beteween the camera and the TTL in the housing. and it is sporatic, sometimes it shoots longer than other times before jumping into Error mode, but it always does.
  8. James, Definately not the problem, whenvI was testing yesterday, I had it in the housing with my 60mm, minus the dome port, so the lens was free and clear. Very fustrating, thinking about using this for an excuse to upgrade my rig to the 30D / Aquatica. I have shot many shots with this Camera out of the water and have had not one issue at all with any Error messgaes. I guess my fustration comes from owning the Ikelite for les than a year, and it has already ruined one dive trip (out of one) and has already been back to Ike for service twice...not a good track record, for monies spent. Thanks alot Bart.. I just found it, It actually was set to 1st Curtain Sync.
  9. Matt, I am not sure where the "1st - curtain flash sync setting" is, I went through the whole camera menu many times and do not see this setting on the 20D???? I also check the hotshoe everytime I assembled the unit, so that shouldnt be the problem.
  10. Wondering if anybody else has had a similar problem. Ill start from the begining. About a year ago, I bout the Ikelite housing and one DS125 for my 20D. I took it on one dive and the strobe fried, I sent it back to ike and they had to replace the actuall flash tube, ok, not happy there, but they did repair for free. Now the next time I was planning on using this rig was on our last rrip to Curacao, ( I did test it out in the water on a couple of quick dives and there were no problems) We get to Curacao, and on about every other dive the housing and strobe combo would throw my camera into an error mode (err99 to be exact) and lock up the camera totally, I would then have to crack the housing and remove the battery from the camera to rest the error, needless to say, it ruined alot of dives on that trip. I will also tell you that the 20D shoots fine when not connected to the housing, I have thousands of shots topside, with no problems. Anyway, of course I sent the Strobe, Sync cord and housing back to Ike to be repaired, they replaced a chip in the TTL, Checked the cord, Replaced the battery in the strobe to a NIMH pack (Why they didnt do that last year when I sent it to them is beyond me) and sent it back to me, the only think I had to pay for was the new charger for the NIMH battery. I just hooked everything up this morning and fired about 50 shots.. guess what back into ERR99 mode. I then unhooked everytthing and reset the camera, fired about 300 shots whtihout the housing and strobe... No problem. I then hooked it back up to the housing and strobe, took two shots and it jumped directly back into error mode.. I am extremely fustrated with this problem, and Ikelite. The housing was just at their facility for the last month and the problem still exists.
  11. Right now I am shooting a 20D with Ike Housing.. I am looking to add the 15mm Fisheye and the 8" Dome port to my collection, but, I am leary. I have a friend Shooting a D200 with the 10.5. Both lenses require the same Port. Here's why I am leary. When his rig is all dressed up and ready to hit the water, the Ikelite 8" dome port is only held onto the housing by about 45 degrees off rotation. I am not very comfortable with 45 degrees of rotation being the only thing beteween my rig and the ocean.. Does anybody else have the same issue?? I feel this is a big enough issue to sell my total rig and move up to a 30D or 5D and go Aquatica. Chris.
  12. I am looking to buy the recently discontinued Aquatica Housing for my Canon 20D. You can contact me at: cbsawallich@yahoo.com
  13. Does anyone know if the 20D will work in the new Aquatica 30d Housing? I am sure there are subtile diffrences in the bodies, but cant find anything listing specs on the housing.
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