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  1. Hi, can you give me more information on the housing (how old, condition etc) and how much you are asking for it. Thanks!
  2. The charger has multiple voltage adaptors with it as well.
  3. I have an Ikelite DS125 that I just came back from the Ikelite repair department. The repair department replaced the entire body assembly, all o-rings were replaced, the electronics were upgraded and it was equipped with a brand new battery pack and charger. So, basically this strobe is in brand new condition. This package includes the strobe head, mounting arm and manual flash controller for cameras that do not use the sync cable. The strobe had not been used prior to sending it to Ikelite. I purchased the strobe a few years ago for a trip. We were not able to go on the trip, and the strobe has been stored since it was new. Since it had sat around for a few years I sent it to Ikelite to be tested. I can email the repair bill from Ikelite upon request. I am sure the strobe is covered by some type of Ikelite warranty since it was just repaired, but I am not sure what it is. Package includes: Strobe head with new body assembly, new battery pack and new charger. Diffuser Manual Exposure Value Controller (for cameras that do not use a sync cord) Two mounting arms with two ball joints. Since the strobe is basically brand new I am asking $750 OBO. Thanks!
  4. I was wondering if anybody knows who makes the Sealife DC800 camera? I have a Sealife housing for that camera and I would like to buy a replacement camera for it. I sure somebody like Canon or Sony makes the camera for Sealife. I know Sealife makes a replacement camera, but I was just wondering of anybody knows what company makes the camera and what model it is. Thanks!
  5. Is this housing still for sale? Thanks!
  6. I am looking for a housing for my Canon Rebel XSI camera. Thanks!
  7. Do you still have the Ikelite housing and ports? Thanks
  8. I own a VX2000 and I am looking for a housing. Is yours still for sale? Thanks!
  9. I was stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines back in the mid to late 80's. We made many drive trips to Subic while I was there. Great diving and great people. I would love to make a return trip there again soon. I am sure things have changed, but it would be fun to return for diving and site seeing. Thanks for the great post and the pics!
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