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  1. So I finally figured out what was happening here... In case anyone is interested... The shutter release lever is set too loosely so after taking a picture it half presses the release and therefore does not display the review.... or maybe displays it for a split second before I get a chance to see.... Needless to say I will be tightening the lever before my next dive Jen
  2. Thanks Dave, Yeah I went down there and messed with all the buttons... never checked the status of the top LCD... I'll check that out next. Thanks! Jen
  3. I'm not quite sure what's going on here and thought maybe someone on this board could help. I have a Nikon D70s, 60mm macro with Ikelite housing, and dual DS50's. I was on a boat on Saturday and for both dives the image review was not working.. I brought it home, took it apart and tried it out today on a beach dive and am having the same problem but ONLY below 40fsw!! Here are the facts: 1. Both strobes are firing every time. 2. When at 40fsw or shallower the camera works perfect 3. Below 40fsw it seems like the camera is taking the picture but not giving me the image review.... it's just a black screen after the picture is taken. 4. Below 40fsw I am not able to get to the Menu at all. 5. I tried pushing all buttons at depth thinking maybe something is getting pressed from the pressure... no luck. Still no review. Any ideas? I really don't know what could be pushed in to cause the review OR the menu not to come up... I'm lost Thanks, Jen
  4. Want to buy.... Ikelite Smart Charger for DS-125 Ni-cad or NiMH battery packs. You have a used one to sell? Let me know Jen
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