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  1. I have been using 2 Big Blue VTL3500 for the last year or so. I think they are great lights. I often run on 1/2 power for the majority of a 50 min dive, only switching to high when needed. Often 2 full 3500 lights are too much. I can get 2 dives easily on 1 charge, I have been conservitive and got a night dive as well. I now travel with 2 backup batteries ($40 each). I never worry about being conservative now.
  2. I have an Olympus Pen E-PM1 which is a mirrorless micro four-thirds camera. It can be shot in full program mode (the camera does everything) to full manual mode (you can set shutter speed, fstop, iso, etc) or anywhere in between. It comes with a 14-42 lens which is a great all-purpose lens. Also included would be the housing which is an Olympus PT-EP06. In addition, I have a focus ring, extra o-ring, adapter kit for adding macro diopters and the flash adaptor for the housing. I also have a tray with two strobe arms and four clamps, my Sea & Sea YS-O1 strobe and a AFO focus light. System have never been flooded. Everything is in perfect working order. Total List: E-PM1 Black Camera with 14-42mm Lens PT-EP06 Underwater Housing Zoom Ring for 14-42mm & 9-18mm Lenses Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe Bigblue AL1x5MAFO focus light Olympus PMLA-EP01 Macro Lens Adapter Olympus BCS-1 battery charger and 3 batteries iDas Tray with 2 handles, 2 arms, 4 clamps and a ball to YS adaptor. Brand new o-ring for housing $700 Or Best Offer for all
  3. Hello, I'm Chris. My wife and I have been involved in underwater photography for the last 5 years. I'm usually on the Scubaboard forum. Just here to see what is new.
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