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  1. Thanks for your replies guys. It's definitely on the flat housing port although I can't tell if it's on the inside or the outside. The camera does not show spots when it's out of the housing but does when it is inside. I think the port is glass but I'm not 100% sure. I also don't have a manual as I bought the housing second hand. I will try to find a digital manual and use the advice above accordingly and let you know results when I'm done. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I have a quick question which regard to my housing. I bought a Nauticam housing for Sony RX100 V second hand and it's great, but I've noticed that there is a small spot on the lens port and it seems to be affecting my images. Does anybody have any tips for removing it? I can't imagine it's going to be possible/easy but I'd rather not have to put up with it and have to add loads of extra time in post removing the spot. Here are a couple of example images to show the problem. In the vertical photo the problem is to the left of the rope towards the top left of the image and the horizontal photo it's seen just to the left of the diver on the left. Thanks
  3. Thanks buddy, yeah that looks like it would cover the parts needed. I've now had a reply from Sea & Sea Head Office and they have quoted me the part numbers to order. If anybody in the future needs these o-rings I have attached a picture of the parts I mean and here are the part numbers as quoted by Sea & Sea (although I haven't ordered them yet so I can't guarantee this is 100% accurate. "O-Rings inside of View Finder in the back of the housing where the part is see-through MDX-RX100 Mark 2" Black : X-10645 S-80 Blue : X-11082 S-60 I'll let you know if they fit once I get them!
  4. I am looking for an o-ring for the viewfinder on my housing. I have a Sea & Sea MDX-RX100 ii and I have searched everywhere to try and find the o-ring in question. It's easy to find the main o-ring for the housing but that's not the one I need. I removed the viewfinder/monitor window as I need to replace one of the o-rings and there are two. One black one and one thin blue one which is the part in question. I was hoping that somebody might be able to point me in the right direction of where to get the replacement, or a part number or something. Thanks in advance! Ash
  5. Hey, I probably have some good full body shots of both male and female Green Turtles from Indonesia if that's any good for you?
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