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  1. Thanks buddy, yeah that looks like it would cover the parts needed. I've now had a reply from Sea & Sea Head Office and they have quoted me the part numbers to order. If anybody in the future needs these o-rings I have attached a picture of the parts I mean and here are the part numbers as quoted by Sea & Sea (although I haven't ordered them yet so I can't guarantee this is 100% accurate. "O-Rings inside of View Finder in the back of the housing where the part is see-through MDX-RX100 Mark 2" Black : X-10645 S-80 Blue : X-11082 S-60 I'll let you know if they fit once I get them!
  2. I am looking for an o-ring for the viewfinder on my housing. I have a Sea & Sea MDX-RX100 ii and I have searched everywhere to try and find the o-ring in question. It's easy to find the main o-ring for the housing but that's not the one I need. I removed the viewfinder/monitor window as I need to replace one of the o-rings and there are two. One black one and one thin blue one which is the part in question. I was hoping that somebody might be able to point me in the right direction of where to get the replacement, or a part number or something. Thanks in advance! Ash
  3. Hey, I probably have some good full body shots of both male and female Green Turtles from Indonesia if that's any good for you?
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