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  1. Thanks Adam! Yes! Everyone in the Vancouver crew are so supportive and patient, enduring weeks of shoots and impossible moves... I am so privileged & grateful to be in a community of such a great group of divers -Jesse-
  2. ************* UPDATE! ************* I've decided that I can't let this baby go... it took me too long to track one of these down! So I'm withdrawing this housing from the market Thanks for looking! -Jesse-
  3. If a piece of music moves you, then of course you can lay it down and cut to it, but the key is not to sacrifice the quality of your imagery just for the sake of the music. Be willing to cut anything if it doesn't serve the story you're telling or it's not the best of your work. It can work the other way, too: I almost always end up adjusting & modifying the music so that I can hit the beats I want and tell the story better. Looking at your videos, you've got some really great footage but I'd cut it right down... you could cull alot of your shots and go alot tighter on what remains and they'd be short, sweet and really dynamic. Cheers, -Jesse-
  4. Hi All! I just joined Wetpixel. My work is basically all film based... I keep trying digital but there's something about the process that's involved with film I can't give up. On top of that, most of my work is motion picture film... 16mm and more recently, 35mm. I process and print my own black and white motion picture film but I send off my colour to labs in Montreal. Anyway, here's a couple of my little films, I hope you enjoy: Dream https://vimeo.com/172762242 Reclaiming the Deep: Solving the Riddle of Nitrogen Narcosis https://vimeo.com/152577334 Chuuk: Adventure on the Thorfinn (my one digital video!) https://vimeo.com/78078079 Cheers! -Jesse-
  5. Hi! My name is Jesse Andrewartha. I'm based in Vancouver, Canada and my work concentrates on film. I have a 35mm Arriflex motion picture film camera and PACE Technologies housing and a Hugyfot hasselblad housing for SWC with the Rebikoff port. Current projects are keeping me out of the water for the foreseeable future but I'm looking forward to getting wet in 2019!
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