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  1. Open to all offers! Ship to Australia
  2. Hi all, wanting above lens for Canon and matching s and s dome
  3. Interested in housing and both ports, but not body. Total for these? Thanks
  4. Do you have a port for sale with this?
  5. Open to offers of full UW set up inc strobes. Thankyou
  6. Don is it just freediving allowed? Not scuba?
  7. How frustrating! I hope I dont encounter the same situation when wanting to spend a significant amount of money on gear!
  8. Hi there - no setup for me yet, as Im trying to establish what I want. Is there a really big difference in weight and bulk using a mirrorless set up, such as Sony a6500 and a full frame DSLR? I understand housing differences, but in GENERAL, is it a big difference to manage? Thanks
  9. Im Rhiannon - I am looking to buy a whole set up. Tossing around putting my DSLR under water or minimising size and weight by going for a mirrorless. Decisions...
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