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  1. Hi gang, I'm selling some of my UW camera stuff (moving to a digital SLR setup). Still camera: Complete Olympus 4040z/Light and Motion Tetra setup, with the camera (4.2 megapixel), housing, lenses, single YS90-DX strobe, ULCS arms, ULCS pivot tray... the works (including the manuals for everything) - and a NICE Pelican waterproof case to carry it all in. Plus LOTS of extras to go with it. Video camera: Complete UW digital video set-up, with Sony TRV510 Digital 8 camera (with Firewire), Dolphin Pro housing w/electronic controls, Dual halogen video lights, lots of extra bulbs, o-rings, etc. Ready to go! Neither the still nor video systems have ever been flooded (or even damp!) and have been babied gently. Both housings show some expected exterior wear, but are ROCK solid and the optics and controls are perfect on everything. All of the photos and video at www.diveseen.com were taken with these cameras. I will include some training with them for anyone that wants it (and lives in the Seattle area). I will list this stuff on eBay tomorrow (Monday) at noon.... if you are interested in either system, or have questions about what all is included, let me know and we'll work out a fair price. Thanks, -david p.s. - I am also selling (separately) a Nikon N65 camera in fantastic condition with a Tamron lens, a professional Nikon 24-120 zoom lens, and a Sigma 15mm fisheye lens (EX series) for Nikon. Make me an offer or let me know if you want more details.
  2. Hi Mike - first, thanks for having a look. I changed the color management settings on my Mac Powerbook to better simulate how things look on a PC and adjusted the color balance... do things look any better now? As for the strobe, it's a single Sea and Sea ys90dx. I really want a second, but have to save my pennies. Thanks for letting me know that they look dark - hopefully the changes I made will improve their appearance. -D
  3. I'm still a big-time rookie with my new macro port - check out my first images and let me know if you have constructive criticism: http://www.ecreative.com/webgallery/alki07...0202/index.html -D
  4. All images ©2002 diveseen.com, All Rights Reserved.
  5. Taken in the Puget Sound using an Oly 4040 and L&M Tetra with Macro port - more photos at http://www.diveseen.com (and check out the giant pacific octo photos to boot!) and... and...
  6. Got some cool new Giant Pacific Octo photos online at http://www.diveseen.com http://www.ecreative.com/webgallery/june02/pictures/potw.jpg
  7. All shots from a Tetra housed 4040Z. For more, see http://www.diveseen.com Wolf eel portrait from the Puget Sound: A Red Irish Lord: Another wolfie: [Edited on 6-7-2002 by adobedavid]
  8. New photos from a way cool dive in the Puget Sound with the wolf eels of Sunrise Park: http://www.diveseen.com Click the wolf eel link on the front page, and check out the dive report too. Shot with a Tetra, Olympus 4040, wide port and single strobe (dammit).
  9. Hi there... Well, being a 4040 user, I use the 128mb cards with no problem. I shoot at "SHQ" mode, which is the highest quality mode except TIFF (don't shoot TIFF in this camera!). I get roughly 65 photos on a 128mb card... typically enough for me for a dive (and usually two). Shutter lag is noticeable, but no moreso than any of the other digicams in this category based on my experience anyway. Leave the monitor on and set it to constantly focus and it's manageable. I really like my camera. I find the f/1.8 to be nice underwater as well, especially given the incredible depth of field in these cameras. -D
  10. Hey Dave... really great photos! Where were they taken? I'm guessin BC? -David www.diveseen.com
  11. If macro is really important to you, you should seriously think about getting the 4040 instead of the 30x0. If you think about it, the 4040 has roughly 33% more pixels than the 30x0... this means that if you shot a small critter on the 4040, you could crop the image by 25% and still have more resolution in the image than the full frame of the 30x0 (meaning that you'd wind up filling more of the "frame" (final cropped image) with your subject without losing resolution. I shoot the Light and Motion Tetra, and just got the macro port for it - hasn't been wet yet. I'll post some pics when I finally dunk it. Anyway... hope this makes sense. -D
  12. Also I'd try using the new healing brush in Photoshop 7! It is nothing short of miraculous for eliminating backscatter!
  13. Some good, mostly crap, and two or three pretty dang fine photos taken at Quadra Island British Columbia: http://homepage.mac.com/digitaldave The octo shots and the Puget Sound King Crab shots are my favorites. (if you are interested in seeing the photos with my narrative, see: http://www.ecreative.com/webgallery/quadra )
  14. Thanks SS... I had (and still have) a tough time with this subject (because she's on her eggs right now, we are tracking her progress on a weekly basis). The problem is that I want to capture the subtle details in her skin, but to expose properly for the skin means that the white areas of the suckers are totally blown out. I have spot metered for the suckers, but the resulting photo is so dark that even Photoshop can't do anything with it. This is a simple problem for me on land, but being a new underwater photographer, I'm really struggling with exposing subjects underwater that have bright white spots - I have the same problem with some of my shots of white plumose anemones, but less so there because the entire critter is white. But this one has me baffled. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a lighting technique I could do differently? She's in 100' of Puget Sound water, so there's no ambient light at all. This octo, by the way, is pretty dang big. Her arms are bigger around than mine, the suckers you see here are about 3" across, and her mantle is the size of a basketball. She's a very pretty girl... Thanks for the comment, SS.
  15. Here's a photo I tookl last weekend of a Giant Pacific Octopus. The rest of the gallerys can be seen at: http://www.ecreative.com/webgallery/alki3.4/ The balance of the photos are not particularly good, but have a look if you like. -David
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