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  1. Yes it is (available and N120 mount) !
  2. Hi guys, I am selling a Zen domeport DP100CR for Nauticam housing (mount can be changed to Sea&Sea). See the Zen or Phil Burghard charter at ReefPhoto for compatibility with lenses (initially for Nikon / Canon 8-15). The domeport is in very good condition except for a micro-scratch on the dome (first third of the glass). Sold with its box, spare oring, grease, Nauticam neoprene protection and invoice. Insured shipping for EU only in addition. Price : 600€ Regards,
  3. Thanks Pavel ! I've been getting good exposure with the Z240 settings but I'll try the YS one.
  4. Hi Oskar, Even with the Nauticam TTL Converter (D850) ? Thanks
  5. Thank you guys ! The next one should be the 28mm for it's compacity, but first : use the 13mm I didn't contacted him due to the crazy pricing of the 13mm but for whow who really want it, I would try.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Nauticam adaptator to use a Seacam port on my Nauticam setup. I'm not sure of the SKU but it seams to be the #21306. If anyone has one and is willing to sell it, I'd be interested. Regards, Clément
  7. Yes it has ! Talking about it in an open thread make offers disappear ...
  8. Thanks Ian, I've got this one in mind since I can't find it anywhere near France ...
  9. If I can, I'd like to find it here with someone I can possibly trust For now, still looking though !
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