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  1. Yes it is (available and N120 mount) !
  2. Hi guys, I am selling a Zen domeport DP100CR for Nauticam housing (mount can be changed to Sea&Sea). See the Zen or Phil Burghard charter at ReefPhoto for compatibility with lenses (initially for Nikon / Canon 8-15). The domeport is in very good condition except for a micro-scratch on the dome (first third of the glass). Sold with its box, spare oring, grease, Nauticam neoprene protection and invoice. Insured shipping for EU only in addition. Price : 600€ Regards,
  3. Thanks Pavel ! I've been getting good exposure with the Z240 settings but I'll try the YS one.
  4. Hi Oskar, Even with the Nauticam TTL Converter (D850) ? Thanks
  5. Thank you guys ! The next one should be the 28mm for it's compacity, but first : use the 13mm I didn't contacted him due to the crazy pricing of the 13mm but for whow who really want it, I would try.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Nauticam adaptator to use a Seacam port on my Nauticam setup. I'm not sure of the SKU but it seams to be the #21306. If anyone has one and is willing to sell it, I'd be interested. Regards, Clément
  7. Yes it has ! Talking about it in an open thread make offers disappear ...
  8. Thanks Ian, I've got this one in mind since I can't find it anywhere near France ...
  9. If I can, I'd like to find it here with someone I can possibly trust For now, still looking though !
  10. Hi Ian, Thank you for your input, I didn't know that the Seacam modded version could fit wihtin the Ø of the Nauticam's housings! Alltought the Seacam conversion must be more expansive that the one made by Andrej + the cost of the adaptater by Nauticam and I'm on a budget at the moment. Hi Simon, I'm pming you, thanks.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a used Nikonos RS 13mm in good conditions especialy no scrath on the optic. I'm interested in a non moded version or a moded version for Nauticam only (by Andrej). Must be located in the European Union. Regards,
  12. I had the same problem of inconsistency with my TTL converter and a D850 ... after investigation, it was the batteries that were faulty : even if you bought the TTL converter new, batteries may have been produced a long time ago. Even if they seem to work properly, they have not enought power to impulse the right amount into the LED. Since I replaced the batteries by two Duracel 2032, my TTL converter has been working realy well. Be careful to the "best before" indicated on the package of the batteries.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a Retra Snoot LSD in good condition (including all the items in the box). The mount can be for Z240 or Retra. Must be located in the EU (shipping and taxes outside the EU cost as much as buying it new). Thanks,
  14. Hi Pavel ! Thank you for your input My TTL converter is the SKU#26308 and only has two switches on the board (no rotary switch). I bought it this year with my NAD850 and Nauticam website does not list the Retra strobe as compatible : If Oskar has had a chance to test the new strobes with it, I'll have my answer If not, I'll ask Nauticam about how the switches should be positionned if compatible. Cheers
  15. Hi Oskar, I'm considering ordering two Pro before the end of the lauch prices but does the new strobes will support the latest Nauticam TTL converter ? Thanks in advance !
  16. I hope that TTL improvements will be compatible with the Nauticam TTL converter ! Can't wait to have the full specs in november
  17. Hi Oskar, Do you have any news regarding the knew strobe announcement ? Regards, Clément
  18. Hi Friiedriich, I would have been interested if I didn't have loose my mind and hadn't ordered a D850 with the NA-D850 ... Were is the housing located and how much would you sell it ? A friend of mine could be interested Regards
  19. Awesome pics ! As said before me, I really like the sea dragon and the midwater shot with the school of fishs and the sunset ! Does the A7R3 AF do well in macro/supermacro ?
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