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  1. hi matts don´t let them fool you.... verc cool shot . as this is not a fish for sure,the point of showing her swimming away is not a problem at all.its just your artistic right and pleasure showing the angle you like. as long as the view is nice and interessting . and it is very beautiful for sure. :-) but nevertheless excited to see the other angles keep these shots coming cheers claus
  2. hi jenny, very very nice portfolio of shots.been to eastern filds 10 years ago,would love to go back.great place,great boat,gorgious diving. jenny,you are shooting a d700 or a d7000?cause i thought the 10-17 tokina was for cropped sensor only. your pics are very colourful and beautiful.how do you do these nice sunballs.could you give me some advice for that.never get nice sunballs like in old fuji velvia times thanx a lot cheers dr.claus meyer,germany
  3. hi john, watching your great image at wetpixel.great sunball.have the same d300 like you,great results,but not as satisfied with my sunballs like in times with the rs and slides... can you share shutterspeed ,aperture and iso of the pic? maybe i can discover what you do so much better than i do! thank you very much in advance claus
  4. hi kaj still not able to close my mouth.....great stuff still on the wait to bring my family over to lembeh... my last visit was two years ago already... cheers,claus
  5. gaz gave a really good statement,agree totaly been to cocos two times and to galapagos six times-don´t need to say more. maybe just that the water in cocos is slightly warmer and the diving in galapagos is a little bit more challenging go for both,you won´t regret it cheers claus
  6. hello dunfield, we bought the nex-5 for our trip to wakatobi in december.it is a wonderful piece of stuff and very very light to travel. i´m also using a nikon d300 with two subtronics which is great but really bulky. my daughter uses the nauticam with a inon s-2000,optical triggered.works great,even has ttl when you want to use it,and is ultralight.it doesn´t have a focuslight though,so we mount a sola focuslight for nightdiving and video on the second ultralightball on the housing.perfekt setup , a dream to travel and very astonishing results. if you like post me an e-mail and i´ll send you one or three shots of the set up ... cheers claus
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