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  1. Thanks guys!! Finally I found one here in Spain Good look with your sales.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a second hand Nauticam Flip Diopter Holder for M77 Port (SKU # 25103) Thanks, nachogil
  3. By camera upgrade I sell my current camera and housing. It is a configuration a bit old, but I think that by price is a good option compared to an advanced compact, and a nice setup to start in underwater photography. From my point of view the best thing about this equipment is the quality / size ratio, perfect to carry without stress in the cabin luggage. You can see many photos made with this equipment on my website: http://nachogil.com/personal/ Olympus Omd m5 camera Perfect operation, the only mark of use is aesthetic in the flash shoe (see attached image) the LCD screen is in perfect condition. - 1 original battery - All the original accessories, cables, charger, strap, flash, etc. As gift: - 3 clone batteries and its charger - 2 SanDisk Extreme Pro 16Gb Cards Nauticam housing NA-EM5 Extremely care, in perfect use, minimal use mark and never flooded. Includes humidity detector with visual and audible warning and original spare o-ring. Nauticam Flexitray handle Perfect functional state with some sign of use in the rubber of the handles. Nauticam ball adapters for support (not showed in the general picture) Perfect functional state with some sign of use but in mint condition. The equipment is in Madrid-Spain, and includes its original boxes. Price: 650 € The complete set (except the ball adapters that I forget to include in the photo) The camera, the screen is in perfect condition The only sign of camera wear The housing The ball adapters that I forget to include in the photo of everything Image
  4. First pictures of Nauticam NA-EM5 Housing for Olympus OM-D E-M5, via Fun-In https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4...2368&type=1 Nice
  5. For sale, all in fantastic condition with a very light use, I'm obsessive care Camera Olympus E-3 It’s a sealed magnesium body protected from water and dust, shutter mechanism tested to 150,000 shoots, this have only 19,900 shoots. I include the vertical grip that can work with 2 camera batteries o standard AA batteries, and enable to shoot in vertical (it have all the controls). A free a second battery and a LCD screen protector is included. Housing Nexus E3 It’s like new, only some small marks in bottom and grids. Testing and review at the manufacturer after my last trip. It have 2 viewfinder inserts for macro or wide angle. The port mount is Olympus type, you can use a great variety of Olympus, Inon and Athena domes and ports. I added those extras to it: - Open flash control. - Grid inserts for a better ergonomy. - Accessories support and clamp(for example for a focus light). This housing can be adapted in factory to use with the Olympus E5 INON 45º viewfinder for Nexus housing With it the shoot position is more comfortable, in horizontal or vertical, and his magnification it’s really awesome. Recently review at the technic service for the regular maintenance. With a neoprene cover for free. PRICES OPTIONS A.- Housing + Camera + Viewfinder 45º= 1.750€ / 2,200$ B.- Housing + Camera= 1.450€ / 1,850$ C.- Only the housing= 1.250€ / 1,550$ D.- Only the 45º viewfinder= 400€ / 500$ Plus shipping, I'm in Madrid (Spain) Cheers, nacho More pictures: Grid inserts and original toolbox, with tools for all the screws in the housing Accessory support and clamp, this is and extra added to the housing Viewfinder lens for macro or wideangle more confortable view The extra added control to open the camera flash Inside housing The camera and his extras (a extra battery is included) A screen protector is included
  6. johnjvv, In B/W I usually used multi-contrast paper, with it I I could change the exposition and the contrast by zones in the same copy with two possible objetives: represent the original aspect of the scene or have a personal point of view of it. If you are interesting in this techniques I suggest to you read about Ansel Adams is much better than read about sensors and megapixels About remove spots or some dust in the pictures I had some classes in my photography degree about it using very tiny brushes and special tints, it was very common. Nacho
  7. In my point of view with Lightroom I do basically the same things that I did in the past when I developed in the laboratory (B/W and color) modify the exposition, contrast, tone, remove some dots or scratches, ok in the extreme use of Lightroom you can add a gradient filter... I think that the Ligtroom's concept is very close to the traditional photography work, other discussion is the use of Photoshop a solution more focused in the retouch, or the use of some Lithroom especific plugins. I think that your picture example is perfectly acceptable.
  8. Hi jlyle, I have the 50mm, the x2.0 and the Subsee 10x now !!! But I`m a fourthirtslensaholic 9-18mm + Athena dome are in transit to my home nobody want to sell a Sigma 105mm? Cheers
  9. Wait to return is so hard looking this pictures Cheers Nacho
  10. Hi, I´m looking for ports and lenses for Olympus DSLR. In particular I am looking for: Zuiko 9-18mm Sigma 105mm Athena 9-18mm dome port Athena 30mm extension ring I may be interested in other lenses, ports, extension rings, etc. Thanks, Nacho
  11. Nice and original pictures!! Wich lens and ports did you use? Nacho
  12. I think the benefits of E5 compared to E3 are mostly from areas that do not affect to much in the underwater photography high isos? video? In response to the information that I have now the two Nexus housings cost about the same, but a second hand E3 in very good condition, is about 500 $? In conclusion, in my humble opinion, the real choice between E3 and E5 is to have more money to better lenses and ports or better 800iso pictures and some 1/2 HD videos PD: Yes, I currently use a E3 with a Nexus house and am very happy
  13. This Athena 105mm is mine!! A real pleasure make business with this guy. Nacho
  14. The best option is slide film (Processed without exposing), better relation between more infrared transmision with less visible light
  15. Hi, I wrote a short guide about it some years ago in a spanish forum: http://www.forobuceo.com/phpBB3/viewtopic....AR+PHOTO+SYSTEM Using google translator you can read it easily http://translate.google.es/translate?hl=es...BPHOTO%2BSYSTEM
  16. Hello, I`m looking for a Olympus PT-E03 housing new or good condition. Cheers
  17. According to the Olympus website the PT E03 housing is only compatible with the Olympus E400 and E410. But researchers detail images I didnt find differences (size and buttons) between E410 and E420 cameras. Someone used (or try it) the PT E03 housing with the E420 camera? Thanks
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