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  1. Hi: I am offering for sale my impeccably maintained setup consisting of : 1 Olympus OMD M5 body, I bought it new and had it recently refurbished by Olympus 3 batteries (1 Olympus and 2 other), dual charger 1 kit lens (14mm - 42mm) 1 Olympus UW housing for the M5 with the flat port Firm offer: $650 + shipping Everything is in excellent working condition.
  2. Folks.. Any links to wreck wide shots using the tg5 and a wet wide lens would be greatly appreciated. I am going to Truck, neither of my two Olys in their Oly housing is rated for say 60meters. It is much cheaper to put the tg5 in a Nauticam housing than the omd m5. Bhushan
  3. Folks, My oly housing for the mod m5 says 45m max depth in its spec. Has anyone taken it deeper with success? I dont often go beyond the limit, but occasionally would be nice.. Bhushan
  4. Greetings, I am a cold water diver mostly. I have an oly mod m5 with the pt housing and also a tg5. Bhushan
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