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  1. Interesting approach. Possible win win between interested parties
  2. oops I transposed .. sorry 415 691 9601 please try again . my bad
  3. Interested in the 110a pair. Pls txt me four one five nine six one nine six zero one.
  4. I am not familiar with that part, but do have the two acrylic filters ( new) for GOPro9/10.
  5. I do have a complete system. Housing, special port for the 12-50mm lens with macro ( and the lens) , closeup lens (+5) with adapter, 4” fisheye port. Also a brand new in the box omd M5. So complete turnkey system. The housing was serviced last summer, no floods. The electronics for the leak detector does not work. I’d consider selling only as a complete system. Price would be two thousand US dollars. Glad to video chat to show off the system.
  6. I would like to talk to you over the phone on this if possible. I am based in CA.
  7. I am interested and would like to make an offer for both. I am in CA. Can talk over phone.
  8. Hi there - live in CA as well and am interested in your YS 110 (a?). Is the one for $100 working? If so I am interested, do you still have the diffuser? cheers bhushan
  9. I have for sale the following: Oly housing for the OMD EM1 camera (practically new) Oly flatport (supports the 60mm macro also, if you have it) AOI 4" dome port for Pany 8mm fisheye (lens not offered), minor scuff marks, will not affect UW picture quality in most instances. I suppose one could always divine an experiment as a counter but I have never had an issue. Excellent condition OMD EM1 camera with the 14-42mm lens included (so that you can at least have a complete setup). Battery, charger, and camera flash(not uw strobes) Zoom gears for the 14-42mm lens and the Pansonic 8mm Wet lens add-on adapter for the flat port (e.g. you could add a Subsee or similar close up lens) Asking Price for the system: US $1250.00 Buyer pays shipping Everything is in working order. I am letting this rig go since I also have a Nauticam setup for the OMD M5 which I am quite happy with and managing two rigs was ultimately not what I wanted to do. Serious buyers only please as I value your time and mine, and my preference is for US buyers as shipping international plus customs etc., will not make it practical to sell to an international buyer I don't think. I will ask for payment in advance and upon clearance of the payment will ship the items, I will request a cashier's check. I will communicate gladly with the buyer to establish my bonafide and once they are comfortable with my credibility, they may move forward. Everything works, nothing has ever leaked etc. If the buyer wants me to take it to my local UW photography shop for a pressure test, I could arrange that, but note it will add to the cost and I don't think it is necessary. That said, you are buying an UW rig, and if you make mistakes in setting it up, you will flood it. Ideal buyer is an UW point and shoot photographer wanting to upgrade(and invest further) or someone with MFT experience wanting to go from OMD M5 to M1. Probably not a good option for a newbie as the price point is in my opinion not right for starting out with, as additional items will need to be purchased (strobes, tray/arms, lenses)
  10. Folks - I have a neat little lens plus port/gear/flip holder for sale - everything is in *excellent* working condition, I have used it with my Nauticam housing for the Olympys OMD M5, it should work with other N85 housings for Oly. What I have for sale are the following bits. So these are for the N85 housings and ideally for Olympus 4/3rds. Olympus M.Zuiko Lens MSC ED M.12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 Black for Micro 4:3 Lens - this one has the macro button Nauticam N85 Macro Port with 77mm threads Nauticam O1250-Z EZ Zoom Gear for Olympus ED 12-50 EZ Lens (btw - one tiny screw is missing, works fine without it, you can also buy a replacement screw from Backscatter I imagine) Nauticam M67 Flip Diopter Holder for M77 Macro Ports (36161) Only selling as a package and for $1000 US. Ideally US buyers, but I will ship International, please factor in the shipping cost which will be substantial, still, the total cost will be 50% less than buying new. I can send pictures and answer questions from interested parties.
  11. Folks - Looking for the Pany/Leica 45mm macro lens for MFT camera. A brand new one costs around $775. I would be looking to do substantially better than just buying new of course. But , will not low ball either. US sellers only please, only because international shipping is costly and takes a while. cheers
  12. My old D2 died. So I have the original ball mount and screws (and the hex key). I can get it to you. Does $20 sound like a reasonable price. I think another few bucks to ship, if you are in the states.
  13. Hi there: I am looking for a reasonably priced Panasonic 7-14mm f/4.0 Lumix G Vario Aspherical Lens. New ones retail for $800. If you have one that you would like to sell, I would be interested in receiving your offer.
  14. I have used this housing and meticulously maintained it including an overhaul. It is an Olympus housing for OMD EM5 camera, while an earlier model, for someone looking to economically put a 4/3rds rig together, this housing would be great. I am asking $75 plus shipping and any fees related to transfer of funds. Item located in CA.
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