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  1. Got it thanks. I was incorrectly thinking you were offering a 45 deg for sale
  2. Bill, Do you happen to know , which one of these (size etc.) would work as the replacement for the missing set screws? https://www.mcmaster.com/screws/set-screws/ bhushan
  3. Arnau - here's a pic of the diopter.
  4. Bill - The $150 sounds fine, but I am not familiar with what it will take to install the two screws(if they are required). I assume you gave me the McMaster part. Is it relatively straightforward to install those screws? I am incredibly mechanically inept. , I own up to that,. bhushan
  5. Yes indeed, I will post it shortly.
  6. https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-M67-Flip-Diopter-Holder-for-M77-Macro-Por please let me know if you have one you would like to sell?
  7. I need to go from I think 72mm to 67 is this s down converter?
  8. Folks - I have a mint condition ( it is basically new and perfect) diopter that I am selling. It retails $195 new. I am offering it for $95. I just bought a Nauticam housing that does not take the diopter without an adapter, at which point I might as well get the Nauticam diopter , adapter etc.. etc.. I am just sending a link to the retail site as an example... https://www.backscatter.com/ReefNet-SubSee-Magnifier-5-Lens cheers bhushan
  9. I have recently purchased a Nauticam housing for the Olympus OMD M5 camera, I am interested in purchasing a used dome port for the Panasonic 8mm fisheye. Please contact me if you have one that you would like to offer for sale. cheers bhushan
  10. I'll take it for $325 thanks. Let's arrange for the transaction. Please email me bhushan.mudbhary@gmail.com
  11. I am quite interested in this actually, as I have an OMD M5 system with Oly housing that is working just fine. I like that I can use the 12-50mm with the zoom gear and get the macro control, which I can't with the OMD M5. I also have the Panasonic 8mm, so I'd need to buy the dome for that I guess. Any flexibility in pricing. I would have to invest in this equipment (service it - likely runs $300+ is my guess, I will call the shop today to find out). Would you accept $250? Also, can the housing be fitted with a vaccum check system?
  12. If you have a gently used Oly OMD M5 body and might be interested in selling it, please contact me as I would be interested. cheers bhushan
  13. Hi: I am offering for sale my impeccably maintained setup consisting of : 1 Olympus OMD M5 body, I bought it new and had it recently refurbished by Olympus 3 batteries (1 Olympus and 2 other), dual charger 1 kit lens (14mm - 42mm) 1 Olympus UW housing for the M5 with the flat port Firm offer: $650 + shipping Everything is in excellent working condition.
  14. Folks.. Any links to wreck wide shots using the tg5 and a wet wide lens would be greatly appreciated. I am going to Truck, neither of my two Olys in their Oly housing is rated for say 60meters. It is much cheaper to put the tg5 in a Nauticam housing than the omd m5. Bhushan
  15. Folks, My oly housing for the mod m5 says 45m max depth in its spec. Has anyone taken it deeper with success? I dont often go beyond the limit, but occasionally would be nice.. Bhushan
  16. Greetings, I am a cold water diver mostly. I have an oly mod m5 with the pt housing and also a tg5. Bhushan
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