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  1. Hi, i have a Fuji f810 with a case. I don't need it anymore. regards rachid
  2. Lightroom 2.3 is working with Ubuntu 8.10 and ubuntu 9.04. You have to use the development Version of Wine!
  3. I tried adobe lightroom under Windows XP with my wibrain (http://wibrain.com/products/main.php?Top_Class=A). It is to slow to work with it. Irfanview was for me fast enough to browse my pictures (also raw) and to decide if the focus is good. Lightroom under Wine will be a lot slower! I tried it with my ubuntu-workstation (dualcore 3.3GHZ and 4GB memory) and it was for me too slow. Don't think about a netbook. Some alternative with Ubuntu are for example digikam oder lightzone!
  4. uuh...there is something thats look at me on the first picture!
  5. yesterday they was an update for the article, that i mentioned in my post. Tauchen - Sport und tauchen Google Translation in English
  6. Hi Daniel, this is a good question. I like to do fitness and asked myself if it would be problematic with diving. Luckily there was a long article in a German diving magazine last year. Summing up they wrote that a very light cardio-training before diving is okay. But not after. That means only on the first day of your diving vacation you could do some training They are also warn that muscle soreness increase the risk of decompression sickness. You see, there is a good excuse to stay at the beach bar and drink some magaritas instead of doing sport Rachid
  7. Hi, i am using my S&S D70 housing with the Sigma 10-20 and the Fisheye-Dome. It is working. Why not? regards Rachid
  8. Hi Craig, it helped! i understand you and now i have to think about. I should drink one espresso more. That helps rachid
  9. 1 Stop is 1 stop. sure... But what is 1.9?
  10. I am little bit confused. If you have 4 bits, than you have 0000 = 0 pure black 0001 = 1 | 0010 = 2 | 0100 = 4 | 1000 = 8 v 1111 = 15 pure white Isn't that almost 5 stops from pure black to pure white? regards rachid
  11. i thought always that the S&S Converter is from Heinrichs Weikamp
  12. Hi Simon, die difference between the two flash ports is, that the non-ttl port connect only three pins and the ttl port all of the five. You can try to tape the two pins on the hot-shoe of the camera. So only three pins will be connected to the camera. rachid
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