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  1. Hi I just finished an E-book, under the title 'Under Water: Notes and Observations from the World under the Waterline'. Its a 'put together' of all the notes I wrote in my Blog section in the last year. If you are interested in a copy, send me an Email, and I'll send you in return the PDF file as enclosure. Best, Albert
  2. They charge you a small amount per month.. I am happy with them so far.. ..better check with them directly Cheers
  3. Its good to hear that the program is improving. And taken technically, their material is good. But I cant help associating Discovery Channel with a tendency to emphasize the dangerous side of wildlife, great predators in particular. How different is the series Spring Watch from the BBC, which is a real delight to watch!
  4. Agree. It took some time to get the gold fish accustomed to the GOPRO on a tripod, But finally they took the bait and lost their scruples. And there are definite similarities in feeding behavior. Which may help to view sharks from a more realistic perspective and tone down the sensation aspect (-; Cheers Albert
  5. For more details of our trip, have a look at the latest issue of Peter Rowlands Magazine, pages 75-78 http://www.uwpmag.com/
  6. Here a great surface shot of some happy Oceanics (for comparison) taken bij Debra Canabal.!
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