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Hi there

I am from Holland and started making UW pictures in the early 70ties, using a self-built perspex housing with a Pentax camera inside, and a perspex housed flash. And...it worked! Then I bought the fabulous Rolleimarin with the Rolleiflex 3.5. f, which became my good companion for many years. This camera was ideal for close-up shots, in particular fish portraits. Later I switched to a Hugy systeem (Hugymarin) with a Mamya 645 that allowed me to use wide-angle Secor lenses. Finally I ended up with the digital stuff: NikonD80/D90/D7000/D7100/D7200 in Ikelite housings, using mostly the Tokina fish eye10-17 fish eye. Recently, I bought the Olympus EPL5 with a Panasonic 8 mm fish eye in an Olympus housing as a back up for my Nikon/Ikelite system.

Favourite diving spots: the 'Isles d'Or' in the French Mediterranean, the Red Sea, Borneo, and the Bahama's.

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