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  1. hI I am selling my PEN E-PL5 and underwater housing PT-EP10, with AOI flat port (AOI FLP-06, unused), Olympus Zuiko 14-42 ED zoom lens and zoom ring. E-PL5 with built-in flash, 2 batteries and charger. The set is in excellent condition. Small and compact with the possibility to use the internal flash in combination with an optical cable. The AOI flat port is suitable for macro and wide angle lenses and lens Flip holder.
  2. Hi My name is Albert Kok. I'm a a senior diver from Asterdam. Holland, and have been posting quite some stuff on the Wetpixel site in the past. That was since Eric Cheng was still 'in command''. But since I changed my E-mail adres some years ago , It seems that I need a new Introduction to post something in the Classified section. Thats is what Adam just told me. So here I am! Cheers, Albert www.albertkokuw.nl
  3. Hi I just finished an E-book, under the title 'Under Water: Notes and Observations from the World under the Waterline'. Its a 'put together' of all the notes I wrote in my Blog section in the last year. If you are interested in a copy, send me an Email, and I'll send you in return the PDF file as enclosure. Best, Albert
  4. They charge you a small amount per month.. I am happy with them so far.. ..better check with them directly Cheers
  5. Its good to hear that the program is improving. And taken technically, their material is good. But I cant help associating Discovery Channel with a tendency to emphasize the dangerous side of wildlife, great predators in particular. How different is the series Spring Watch from the BBC, which is a real delight to watch!
  6. Agree. It took some time to get the gold fish accustomed to the GOPRO on a tripod, But finally they took the bait and lost their scruples. And there are definite similarities in feeding behavior. Which may help to view sharks from a more realistic perspective and tone down the sensation aspect (-; Cheers Albert
  7. For more details of our trip, have a look at the latest issue of Peter Rowlands Magazine, pages 75-78 http://www.uwpmag.com/
  8. Here a great surface shot of some happy Oceanics (for comparison) taken bij Debra Canabal.!
  9. This is a fun VIMEO clip. Showing some similarity between domesticated tiny creatures like gold fish and apex predators in the Ocean.The behavior of gold fish, hand fed in the small pool on our balcony, reminded me of the baiting of Oceanic sharks from Cat Island Bahamas. Although they do not have that big dorsal fin cutting the surface. The biggest orange gold fish, showing up in the right corner must be around 20 years old. The whitish one,should be 15 years old.
  10. Even with a fish eye lense a snoot can be helpful to lighten up a colourful object on the foreground without disturbing the natural lighting of the background. In this indoor test I used a self made 15 cm long snoot with a front opening of 5 cm made of plastic piping. The snoot was placed on an Ikelite DS 125 strobe set at the lowest intensity. Pictures were taken with the Olympus EPL5 and the Panasonic 8mm fish eye. Single strobe at the left upper corner at a 40 cm distance, ISO 250, shutter speed 1/125, @ f5.6. The three pictures below show the shots without and with strobe, and the snoot on the strobe respectively. Notice that the lighting of the underexposed background is not affected by the snooted strobe. Meaning that this might also work in UW settings like caverns, when you want to add some extra colour like the branche of a sea fan or so, without spoiling the nice natural lighting of the interior.
  11. Hi guys This week end I was happy to welcome my 15.000th visitor. The Frontpage, Sharks and Blog sections jumped out as highest. Thanks to you all and and stay posted!
  12. Thie is a follow up of my (too) optimistic March 5 posting. Unfortunately I did not succeed in making the mini LED trigger from Hedwig work. The trigger fits op top of the Nikon in the Ikelite DSLR housing, which is nice. But It just wont fire my Ikelite D125 strobes (even equipped with the new optic adapters). I also tried the Inon cables. Same story. Its just the LED ouput that seems to be to weak to trigger the strobes.
  13. Just returned from the Bahamas where we did Bimini and Cat island in succession. Luckily there were stil some 'hammies' left at Bimini and the end of the season. The Oceanics of Cat island were an amazing experience. But shooting them is pretty difficult, since you are hanging in the blue and miss the nice sandy floor of Bimini to kneel on. Here a stills sequence of a shark feed by Neil Watson at Bimini: 9 shots taken in 4 secs with the D7200 and Tokina 10-17. The shark making almost a full turn. see further https://www.flickr.com/photos/fttpwwwflickrcomalbert/?saved=1
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