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  1. Depends on your housing. Ikelite has zoom gear plus port extension for this lens see their port-chart. I guess the lens is not so much different from the Tokina 12-24 which is a nice rectilineair wide-angle lens for making UW pictures.
  2. Yes I suppose the RAW files could present a problem. What about NFC? This gadget works by radio frequency identification, So you wont need the Internet. But the device (e.g. tablet) should be very close to the camera in its housing. Not sure about its speed and capacity. But in principle it looks promising.
  3. Some new SLR camera's have built in WIFI, combined with NFC (Near Field Communication). I tried it out with the Nikon D7200 connected with a Nexus (Android) tablet. It seems to work fine on land. You can trigger your camera with your tablet via remote control, and look at the screen of your tablet for the result. Also, you can inspect the content of your SD card and then dowload it to your tablet. That could be an advantage when the camera is still in your housing and you dont want to remove the card. But then you would still depend on a WIFI network. That may not always be available on your diving trip, like on a live aboard.Can anyone think of a useful application of this WIFI option?
  4. Ikelite now has announced a new housing for the D7200. Customers with existing Ikelite D7100 housings can have an upgrade for $150 plus the cost of shipping to adapt their old TTL wiring.
  5. Chris Fallows observed and photographed Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) attacking and partially consuming free swimming mid-sized blue sharks off Cape Point, South Africa. One seal was even seen to attack five sharks in succession within two hours. The seals were mainly interested in the nutritious parts like stomach content and liver of the sharks. See also the recent article by Chris a.o. http://dx.doi.org/10.2989/1814232X.2015.1013058 http://www.apexpredators.com/ The behavior of these fur seals reminds me of grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) that are now hold responsible for attacking and consuming porpoises in the coastal waters of the Netherlands. Jeremy Stafford just sent me this link confirming the unusual (or hitherto unkown) behavior of grey seals attacking and partially consuming Harbour porpoises off the coast of west Wales. http://www.itv.com/news/wales/2015-04-09/world-first-grey-seal-caught-killing-and-eating-porpoise/
  6. Thanks for this info. I just got the D7200 today and tried it in my D7100 Ikelite housing. All controls seem to work nicely. Havent tried TTL yet. But I wont mind if it did not work like in the D7100 housing, since I never use TTL
  7. I think these image quality comparisons between D7200 and other brands are interesting, especially the high ISO comparisons with D7100. http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/nikon-d7200/nikon-d7200-image-quality.htm
  8. Hi I agree, With the Tokina 10-17 you dont need the 1.4. converter. You can zoom in and out. And I would suggest the minidome and get as close as possible. Cheers.
  9. thanks Bob that woudl be a nice solution. I guess this viewfinder will also fit in the ring adapter nr 33103 designed for Ikelite housings.
  10. What I heard is that the TTL protocol of Nikon D7200 has changed, meaning that TTL will not work in some D7100 housings like that of Ikelite.
  11. Is there any way to switch easily between the Nauticam (protruding) viewfinders and the original (flat) viewfinder of the housing? For example the one that is used on Ikelite housings. Without going to the the trouble of screwing out the Nauticam viewfinder and screwing in the original? This would probably need a second adapter for the Nauticam adapter (-;
  12. Nice shots with the Panasonic 8mm!
  13. Thanks for your advice! It would be nice if one could switch between the 45 and straight finders without too much trouble.
  14. Much said already about the vacuum problem. But I think its theoretically possible that a drop of water enters into the housing along a shaft or gland with no apparent change of the vacuum inside. Another point is that in the pre-dive check the vacuum should also be tested by turning levers, moving shafts in and out, pressing buttons etc.
  15. It indeed looks like a new model. Congrats! I had this housing in the 80ties. Inside was the legendary Rolleiflex 3.5 F (75 mm) camera with a Planar lense. Beware that the housing is sealed with flat rings and so called 'simmer' rings, not O-rings. The Rolleimarin also had the option of inserting one of a set of three close-up lenses; the Rolleinars 1, 2 and 3 that could be switched in front of the Planar lense, with the lever on the top of the housing. I think the Rolleiflex 3.5 F with Planar and the Rolleinar lenses are still for sale on Internet. Instead of the flash bulbs, I used an electronic flash connected via an open water connector and thyristor switch inside the housing. As film Kodak Ektachrome 64 (6X6 format). I enclose a picture of a Moray Eel made with this set in Hurghada, Red Sea. Taken with a Rolleinar nr 2 close-up lense (apparent distance 30-50 cm) and single flash. Good luck!
  16. I took my Ikelite D7100 housing to a camera shop and put in the D7200. Al push buttons seemed to fit nicely.
  17. To start with it would be nice to have for example one standard DLSR camera model per camera manufecturer (e.g Nikon, Canon, etc.) with the same dimensions and the buttons on the same locations (standard means that the outside configuration should not change over say 5 years). With only the inside technology changing between manufecturers (camera brands) or depending on new technical developments. That indeed would be a noble goal. Because why would camera manufecturers take into account the wishes of people that put their cameras in UW housings?
  18. Does this mean that the D7200 will fit into the other D7100 housings that are on the market as well? It would indeed be exceptional that a camera upgrade not automatically necessitates a new housing.
  19. Sofar it looks like the Nikon designers had mercy with the UW photographers!.
  20. I see, yes on the D7100 housing of ikelite the pushbutton for deleting pictures is pretty close to the viewfinder, and also protruding more than its neighbour (and likely blocking rotation). A shorter button would perhaps solve the problem. Another interesting point raised by Bill Libecap from uwcamerastuff is that the Nauticam viewfinder fitted on the Ikelite housing has a larger (thus better) view than the Inon model.
  21. The Inion 45 degrees viewfinder with Ikelite adapter sells from my local store in Holland. Its much cheaper than the Ikelite viewfinder that just came on the market. Which is, I believe also an adapted Inion viewfinder that screws into the backside of the Ikelite DLSR housing after removing the standard viewfinder. See also this solution: http://uwcamerastuff.com/inon.htm
  22. thanks! For the background story, see http://www.uwpmag.com
  23. The sharp ones are all taken with Nikon D7100, Tokina 10-17 and Ikelite strobes. I always checked the eye and teeth of the ghh at 100% magnification for sharpness (e.g. see the eye of nrs 1, 17 and 24). The settings are shown below the Flickr pictures. The pics taken with Olympus EPL5 and Panasonic 8mm (e.g. nrs 15 and 18) were taken with natural light, and show unsharpness of teeth and eyes of the shark. But nice warm colours. More distant objects are OK. It could be a focusing problem, or a that the shutter speed was a bit too slow. I took the Oly (without strobes) together with the Nikon (with strobes) with me, and switched between cameras, leaving one camera on the sand. With the Oceanics you will be close to the surface, so yo could also try filter shots and leave the strobes on board. Better use fast shutter speeds (min 1/125) then. Have fun!
  24. There are two good operators: one in Neil Watson jr (located in Bimini Sands) the other is Epic diving (located on Cat island). Best time is Jan-March.
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