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  1. Hi Drew, thanks for the link. I checked it out but it seems what they have is all 12V powered ... unfortunately I understand next to nothing when it comes to electrics/electronics, so I can't really figure out the specs on their PDF sheets. thanks again for the help
  2. Hi folks, I'm having trouble finding the right info on the net and was wondering if someone on this board could help me out. What I'm trying to find is an external monitor (2.5 - 3 inch) to place inside my housing - since the back of the housing is flat glass - and thus be able to better control movement for certain shots. I have been gooogling this until my eyes got all red and bleary, but the only things I can find are either pro style 7 inch monitors (to big) or monitors that will fit in the back of a car head rest so your kids can watch movies .... and I don't have any kids and don't own no car Another thing is power supply: I noticed that many monitors require 12V power but, of course, a battery that size won't fit in my housing. Ideally I would like to have something that runs on a sony camcorder battery. I have actually seen such a monitor once but the picture quality was terrible. Something else I was wondering about is if somebody has ever tried (or even better: succeeded) to take a monitor from an old camcorder and wire it in a way so ti can be used as an extra monitor plugged into the A/V out ... and powered by a second camcorder battery. I'm pretty sure I once saw a post about that on some blog but can't seem to find it anymore. If anybody has done something like this and/or could point me to the right resources I would be really grateful!
  3. Hello John, I personally have shot only a few times on livaboards, but IMHO here's a good chance to play with the audio a bit. A voiceover intercut with a dive briefing could be a nice idea. Keep the gearing up sections short - as you have found out, this becomes repetitive. There are only so many ways to shoot that, so reserve each one for a separate day. Checking the air is only one aspect of gearing up - make short shots of people getting into their equipment/suits and vary the angles (up,down). Use fast paced music and make it look like an action movie. Or put the shots in slo-mo in post - that produces a nice action effect as well. Show some non-diving activities to break up the pace. Keep it short in general ... who wants to sit through 2 hrs of video? be creative Sven
  4. Hello Matt, a big question is what are you going to do with the camera? Just hobby or are you considering making money with your rig? A Z1/FX1 obviously has it's price, but the housing will cost even more - and with those cameras you'll want a good housing that gives you access to all the manual controls they have to offer. Another thing is that the housings are big and heavy and can be quite a pain to lug around on land. I recently had the opportunity to shoot with a Z1 in Amphibico housing. While the rig is amazing, it sure is heavy enough to make my arms tremble slightly. But when I checked what lens was installed, my knees began to tremble - the 120' port has a nice blue coating and the slightest scratch sets you back mor than 2k. Personally, I have opted for the HVR-A1 and am completely satisfied. You'll need a good eye to see the difference between the Z1 and the A1. The A1 has many advanced features, inluding MWB and XLR input for topside shooting. As Wags said, consider the FX1 and save some money for the housing/lights - or save even more and get the A1 Sven
  5. Dean, I think you're right on track :-) Most people don't "need" an expensive HDV setup with all the latest bells and whistles, but everybody seems to want to jump on the HD train to be part of the comunity and because "someone-else-has-it-and-oh-my-god-did-you-see-the-quality-of-that-video?" I consider myself a professional, in that I go out most every day and shoot U/W videos for the divers at the shops I work with - yup, I'm one of the guys that runs around boats, no NatGeo yet - and like Wags I say: nobody has ever complained about the videos shot on 1CCD MiniDV cameras .... quite the contrary. IMHO, shooting (and diving) experience is fundamental to a good underwater video and most hobbyists don't really have enough of that (no offense to anybody!). So should you get a Z1 with an Amphibico housing or could you make do with an HC-3,5,7 in an Ikelite housing and save $$$$? I think the latter applies in most cases - and let's face it: do you really want to lug around that huge housing on your next holiday? I certainly wouldn't. Manual controls are surely a nice thing to have, but just as certainly you can do without them. I have been shooting without MWB for almost 4 years now and although sometimes I would have liked to have it, those occasions can be counted on my fingers. Of course, if you buy a new rig you want something state-of-the-art that will last a long time before it's actually outdated. On the other hand, the HDV market is moving at an amazing pace and there's no end in sight. I have just gotten my A1U, just to find out that Gates has discontinued the housing and Amphibico has decided to abandon viewfinders. So I,ll just have to stick with my old housing (with simple rec/zoom/wide controls, no MWB) and I can't say that I'm unhappy with it - I,ll find ways to get around all the little quirks. And I will still be editing on my lowly iBook G4 - which has never abandoned me - and my DVDs will still be SD and they will still be tested one by one and play anywhere. Get equipment that really suits your needs, don't be blinded by too much advertising. Go out and shoot as much as you can. Watch other people's videos and learn from them. Try to find a new angle everyday. Soon folks will come to you and ask: "How the heck did you do that?" have nice dives B)
  6. Simply spit on your lens, rub a little, rinse and shoot. Repeat as necessary. This method uses biodegradable ingredients that will not harm your lens - and you can put the potatoes to better use
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