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  1. Vert nice pictures !! What lighting were you using ?
  2. Hello, Why isn't it compatible with DP-FE or DP-FE2.?
  3. Hi there ! Having used a Subal housed D100 with one housed SB 800 for a while, D-TTL has always worked very well. Now I'm thinking about adding a second strobe to the a.m. stuff, what do you think about addind another housed SB 800 ? Will the D-TTL still work with both the strobes connected ? (please note that the D100 is not working I-TTL, only D-TTL....) Your advice will be welcome. Best regards, Benoît France
  4. I think the sunshade broke when I put down my housing on the boat but I did it very carefully ! I really believe the part is not as solid as it looks. Furthermore, when I try to reinstall the sunshade on the port to check if I could fix it with glue, the existing gap (3mm) between the two "broken surfaces" prevent me to do so and make me feel that the stress in the part must be high. My advise : NEVER put a housing on its dome port facing down, if the collar breaks the glass will hit the bottom..... Regarding the shades between the glass and the collar, I agree with Mark. I also believe the glass is bonded to the collar with silicone and the shades can be areas where the silicone thickness must be very thin.
  5. "shade" is the good word tu use instead of "mark".... no, the three shades are located away from the only screw that fix the plastic collar on the port. I'm still trying to understand how is built this domeport ! Is the dome glass bonded ?
  6. I also created a post about this subject. Could you please check it and tell me what you think about tha "marks" I talk about in my dome-port ? Best regards, Benoît
  7. Hello, Recently I discovered that the surrounding plastic part of my DP-FE2 dome port was broken - see picture It appeared to me that it was not really important as I believe it has no structural role and is only there to prevent direct sunlight to reach the lens. After having removed this plastic cap, I checked the surrounding of the dome and found strange marks at three locations around the glass (every 120° around the dome) - see picture and picture I was wondering if this could be the beginning of a water entry ???? Can anyone confirm that the DP-FE2 port can be used without the plastic cap ? Could anyone tell me if this is a serious flood threat or if it is just normal ? Your comments and advises would be very welcome. Thank's a lot ! PS : Sorry for my poor english but I do my best !!!! Benoît
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