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  1. Sorry for the late response. Sale of this equipment has just been finalised. SOLD.
  2. Price reduced to US$890, shipping included
  3. Amphibico Dive Buddy Evo Pro and Sony HVR-A1P video camera. This is the Pro version of the Amphibico housing with a complete set of controls, utilising both housing grips. There's one-push white balance via the camera's 'Assign' button. The housing features also include; electronic zoom control; manual focus control; manual exposure control; tele-macro control; internal flip arm for red filter or diopters. hydrophone; moisture alarm; There are 3 lens port for the housing; flat port wide angle port macro port There is full 'zoom through' each of these ports. In addition for the housing; additional flip arm with diopter lenses for macro work ur-pro green water filter Amphibico soft carry case o – ring set ball adaptor for accessory/lighting arm The Sony A1 camera is PAL format HDV. It allows full manual control over focus, shutter speed, exposure, camera color, sharpness and 3 gamma settings. There are zebra, peaking and histogram displays, one-press telemacro and expanded focus. In addition there's an XLR audio adaptor and shotgun microphone – these do not fit in the housing. There's the full set of cables, charger, battery and user manual that came with the camera; in addition; 1 x cleaning tape new 3 x new recording tapes 1 x large capacity battery NP-QM71D 1 x external battery charger 1 x wide angle lens adaptor (not for use in housing) 1 x telephoto lens adaptor (not for use in housing) 2 x firewire cables 4 pin to 4 pin and 4 pin to 6 pin 1 x PCMCIA slot in fire wire adaptor for laptop Asking: US$1,250 Located in Krabi, Thailand I have had lots of very reliable use out of this equipment, please contact me with any questions. thanks Simon
  4. My opinion matches Jon's. A wide angle lens will give you more shooting options. You can colour correct later 'in post'. Enjoy Hawaii
  5. Hi Geoff I've not come across that quirk with the Amphibico housing and its LANC set-up. cheers Simon
  6. Hi Drew The LANC is plugged in but the exposure and MWB on the assign button are mechanical controls on the Amphibico housing. The camera will try to MWB when Exposure is set to manual but invariably it will not set a whitebalance i.e. the icon continues to flash. By habit now when I need to whitebalance I will set Exposure back to Auto perform the whitebalance and then go back to manual exposure.
  7. Hi Roger, team, I've been using and HVR-A1P in an Amphibico housing for shooting dailies for a year and a half. I don't often use lights, I occasionally night dive. When I use lights it's a single Fisheye HG20DX. With natural light I have had no issues Whitebalancing using the Assign button with and without the flip-down UR PRO filter, with and without the light. I always white balance with a white slate But the camera will not get a whitebalance (ie the icon flashes) if I try to whitebalance in natural light without the URPro filter below about 8 metres. Also the camera will not whitebalance if Exposure is set on manual. good luck SImon
  8. Hi guys Just found this thread. I am a fully paid up member of the Edius v4.51 camp. Still in the conversion process from PP to Edius but so far all going well. As Wagsy has mentioned once or twice, capturing and editing HDV and SD is all very straightforward. There are a few editing differences to PP which have caused a bit of head scratching but the sources of information on the net have rescued me to date. A new season of dailies kicks off in a couple of months so I'm hoping to have my titles, shortcuts, templates and workflows in order by then. I'm anticipating the whole workflow will be more straightforward from shooting through to dvd burn and archiving. Meanwhile... does everybody have a head full of projects and not enough time? cheers Simon
  9. Hmm not sure about my DIY skills but that's a good suggestion. I'll get some raw materials and give it a shot. The manufactured covers do sell at a premium! Peter, do you get a good fit with cutting, shaping and welding seams with heat or glue? Nick I am based out of AoNang in beautiful Krabi. Coincidentally the reason I'm passing through Phuket is to also get a flight to Bali. A 10 day trip to catch up with friends now running the Dive Academy on Lembongan and to hopefully go and hunt and shoot some Mola Mola.
  10. Hi Nick Thanks for asking. I have been checked out by doctors and so far the diagnosis have all been tennis elbow. Consensus seems to be that the Ewa Marine option is overpriced. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll check them out too. Did you get your Kata from Bangkok? I'll be in Phuket for a couple of days in September. If you're in town maybe we could meet up before I head down the coast. cheers Simon
  11. I got a 'P". My A1 bought in Australia is an HVR-A1P Maybe PAL outside of Europe?? Simon
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll investigate the links. I have no intention of submerging the camera at all unless it's safely locked away in it's Amphibico cell. It's just to protect the camera while filming beach action. As Nick mentioned in a post a while back many customer's like the surface shots too. I feel it gives a full impression of the 'day out' and a better memory when they're back home. Where I work in Thailand the divers meet up on the beach in the morning. They and the gear are transferred from the beach by 'longtail' boats to the 'big' dive boats. Longtails are open boats big enough to hold about a dozen people and of course head out negogiating whatever sea is throwing itself onto the beach that morning. It's here I need the protection. Some of the other guys work 'without protection but a couple of years ago my PC350 camera got a splash and now the flash doesn't work and a warning error flashes permanently on the camera. Since I appear to be too frail to carry on filming with the camera in the heavy housing I'm just looking for sand and spray protection but the ability to get good quality footage. The same reasons Aussiejosho has. The second camera option sounds great - maybe after a good lucrative season!?! thanks again. Simon
  13. Thanks Roger. That diagnosis matches my symptoms. Making fists to hold the housing by the grips while using forefingers to press the triggers and thumbs for the buttons. The pain is definitely in the region of the "knobs"! They're improving with rest. Mark thanks for the web review. Easy is what I was aiming for. I'll be adding content over time. I'm still many workouts away from Arnie! I guess the surface stuff will be ex-housing. Anyone with comments on the EwaMarine camera protection 'bags' or alternatives for shooting on beaches and open boats? cheers Simon www.pushingfin.com
  14. Hi team Not sure if I'm alone with this workplace injury. After a couple of years shooting dailies I have so far been fortunate enough to avoid the more likely crushed figures or toes from boat entries and exits, no DCS hit, no bumps into spiky venomous creatures, so far unscathed from all dive related mishaps (I am firmly clutching wood right now!) I have however developed a nasty case of tennis elbow! Not in just one elbow but both. This would be from my terrestial use of the Sony A1 camera in the Amphibico housing while I film the early morning shots of the divers beginning their day at the beach boarding the boat, gear set-up etc. Originally my housing was of a basic variety and I had insufficient controls for surface shooting so the 'old' camera was exposed to a higher risk of water splashes and hard knocks. With the A1 and the Evo Pro housing I thought 'great!' I can control the camera sufficiently and keep the camera in the housing whenever I am shooting. This worked, but at the expense of my elbows due to the weight and the pressure required by my figures and thumbs to operate the controls. The tennis elbow has been extraordinarily painful but slowly recovering through 'low season'. Any physios out there with great tips for a speedy recovery? Or more likely anyone out there with views on the Ewa Marine bags for lightweight surface protection for the camera or any other great alternatives? cheers Simon btw I have just posted a very much revised website of me. www.pushingfin.com All feedback gratefully received.
  15. Kiri I agree with the other guys. I started with a Sony PC350 in an ikelite housing. No MWB. No lights, as I am shooting divers on reef mostly. URPro red filter. Lots of problems. I was led to believe that the camera will auto White balance on start up so in theory with a change of depth power cycle the camera and hold a white slate in front of it as it starts. I tried this many many times and it was very very rare to get a decent WB. I assume this could be related to insufficient levels of available light.? On other occasions the camera would auto adjust WB while I was shooting thus changing the colours mid-way through a clip. Colour correction on the computer can do wonders but I have clips that I just can't get to look good. Now I use a Sony A1 in Amphibico's EvoPro housing. Same deal, no lights, URPro red filter but MWB. It's a whole world of difference. Colour correction, if required, is straightforward. MWB. I'm a fan.
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