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  1. I'm considering nimar also for nikon d7500 camera. But it looks can't trigger my strobe via internal flash. I has two strobes sea&sea YS01 and YS02 now. If it is possible I don't want to upgrade strobe this time. So still considering...
  2. Hi Pichi, I have limited budget too. I using Olympus E-PL5 now. I try to migrate to APS-C because of two reasons. It will have better photo quality and more lens. And I also want to try some wide angle photos. Please share some after get your new housing. Can't wait your beautiful photos.
  3. Hi Pichi, Did you already buy Nimar Housing? I also looking for some information about it. My friend use it with Nikon D7000. He satisfied with it but he just took photofor fun. I'm love super macro so much. Unfortunately I didn't find any super macro photographer who doing well with Nimar housing. That's why I still researching about it.
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