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  1. Looking for a Canon 20D housing Doesnt matter if ikelite/subal/aquatic etc. Hope to hear from some one Cheers Dave
  2. Hey gang this is going to be one of those annoying (not one of THOSE questions again), and it probably has been covered before (sorry ). I was wondering will two DS-51 strobes cut it for wide angle shots, or is it just point less to contemplate this. I ask as I am looking to try and keep the weight of my gear to a minimum. I know DS-125 would be better, but price is a bit of an issue for me. They would be connected up to a canon20D. Or should I suck it up and loose some cash and just get the 125's Any advice will be gratefully accepted. Sorry again about the crappy question. Cheers dave west oz
  3. simplest questions are often the best! I take pics underwater for a number of reasons. I do it becasue I enjoy it. I love capturing a beautiful scene or a weird and wonderful critter. I suppose there is also the allure of being able to sell an image. I like being able to show off my images to friends and family, and most importantly capture memories for when I cant dive anymore! I like others also have the pleasure of using photography for my work. I am finishing off my PhD on sponges and use photography for my research. So ther are personal and professional reasons for my need/want to take photos underwater. Cheers Dave West Oz Australia
  4. hey chris, you can age corals from their size, but the accuracy would not be there - unless you start taking cores of the coral (examine the layering of their skeleton and chemical make up). Many corals grow at known rates (plenty of scientific literature out there detailing coral growth rates). However, a word of warning - many of the growth rates are site/species specific - as many biological (predation, competion etc) and physical (water temperaure, light avaliability, sediment load etc) factors can influence the growth of corals. You could make a rough judgement - but it would be rough. Hope this helps. You could try contact a research group in the area you are interetsed in - as they would probably be able to point you in the right direction - of either papers or actual data. Cheers Dave
  5. Hi Everyone, Dave here. I use photography in a variety of ways for my work/studies. I am currently in the last few months of my PhD studies. I am research the poulation dynamics of two marine sponges (one of which produces a potent antiumor compound in pre-clinical trials). I use photography to document changes in the sponges I study from monitoring their health, to determining if any asexual reproduction is occuring. I also document the little critters which utlise the sponges as habitats - you would be amazed with the divesity of fauna (and reproducing too!). The most advanced use of photgraphy in my work is to determine the volume of the sponges i study - to monitor their natural growth patterns (to do accurately - use to have to remove the animal from the substarte or use unaccurate ruler method(lxwxh)). I do this by using a stereo camera system (made up of two canon 30D's and video lights) (developed by my supervisor and me) to take stereo image pairs around the target sponge. Then using these image sets and a software program developed by a college of mine - the volume can be accurately and precisely determined. I have a paper published on the work if anyone is interested. I also use photgraphy in the lab when examining the histological samples (for studying the sponge reproduction) and during taxonomic work on the sponges (looking at their spicules and skeletons). I have also used video and digital stills for habitat mapping and surevys of fauna in my previous employment. I look forward to contributing to this forum, sorry about blabbing - but thought you might be interested. If anyone wants more info on what I do or just wnats a chat dont hesitate to ask. Cheers Dave West Oz Australia
  6. thanks everyone for your replies. Great to hear from users of the gear. Cheers Dave West Oz Australia
  7. Hey everyone, Dave here. Finally joined wetpixel. I have been diving since 1994 and it has now become my life. I am a Marine Ecologist - currently back at school working on my PhD. I am studying the population dynamics of two marine sponges. I have been a keen underwater photgrapher since i could afford it (about 1998). Moving from a nikonos V, to a C5050/ikelite system - to my up and coming Canon 20D/ikelite system. I have dived various places, but most happens in my local waters (the south west of Western Australia). Anyway, love the site. Cheers Dave West Oz Australia
  8. Hi Everyone, New to wet pixel forums, but have been a keen viewer of the site for a while now. I was hoping that someone could help/give some advice. I have been using a C5050/ikelite housing for a while (2yrs) and have grown out of it. I am keen to get my Canon 20D into a housing. I have been doing my research and have a pretty good idea of what I want to get. That is, ikelite 20D housing, 2 x Ds-125, and the 8inch dome for a 10-22mm lens. I most shoot seascape shots, and macro (but equipment (i.e. ports) will have to wait for extra funding). I was hoping to hear from folks who use similar systems/gear to get their opinions. Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks in advance Cheers Dave West Oz Australia
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